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Money Issues ...
PAYMENT SCHEDULE : The most common money question is : "How much money should I bring?"
My answer to that is : bring how ever much money you are comfortable spending (as in : not coming home with). Your airfare, room and all your meals are paid for, Your "Ground Money" as reported on the Money Matters Page is for all your bus tickets, all your cab rides and for admissions into what we are going to visit. Souvenirs, snacks, new clothes, etc is all up to you to finance.
While the U.S. Dollar can be interchanged with the Bermudian Dollar, they tend to want to give you Bermudian money as change. That's OK until we near the end of the trip; then you may want to get U.S. money as change. You can take U.S. money there and use it just fine, but you cannot use your Bermudian money back in the States (duh). Travelers Cheques are ALWAYS a good idea ... that, and Visa / Master Cards, which is what I use. Certain things are rather expensive in the Islands ... film is way-costly, and all tourist-type goods are on the steep side. But there are always bargains to be had. Our own On-Staff Shopping Sharks will be glad to assist you.
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