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Itinerary Details ...
If you haven't seen the flight times on the main website yet, we are leaving Syracuse at around 10:05am a on Continental Airways, landing in Newark, NJ at 11:05am, leaving there for Bermuda at 12:05pm, and arriving at Kindley Field , Bermuda at 3:17pm (LOCAL TIME ... 2:17pm Syracuse time). Here is the very latest itinerary posted on the main website with some additional info :
Monday, June 28 : (3:17pm) Arival Kindley Field, Bermuda
... through customs and arranging transport to BBSR = about an hour
* (4:45pm) Orientation ... takes about an hour
* (5:45pm) Dinner
* (7:00pm) Meet at "Concrete Beach" / Ferry Reach w/ snorkel gear
*(7:00pm - 8:00pm) Snorkeling Practice ... just to get some saltwater time in.
* (8:00pm - 9:00pm) Room organization / Unpacking
* (9:00pm - 10:00pm) Group Meeting/Next Day Planning in Lecture Room
* Station-Wide Curfew (quiet / everyone accounted for) is at 11:00pm
Tuesday, June 29 :
*(7:30am) Breakfast, then make Bag Lunch ... before leaving dining area, "fixings" will be put out for you.
* ... (9:00am) National Aquarium / Zoo by bus ... (11:00am) Bag Lunch on the Grounds
*(12:00pm) Depart for Ariel Sands by cab convoy ... if I can arrange it so late in the season ... if not, plan B is Devonshire Bay (Beach access).
*(3:30pm) Bus back to BBSR
*(5:45pm) Dinner BBSR
*(7:15pm) Group Meeting/Planning in Lecture Room
*(8:00pm) Free Time / Night Snorkeling in Whalebone Bay ... even if you choose not to go in the water at night, I could always use 2-4 "Light People" on shore.
... PLEASE visit the link about "Free Time" back at our main website ... it is IMPERATIVE that you know what is and is not appropriate for your Free Time !!
For the remainder of the Itinerary, the necessary discussions can occur in our nightly meetings. For simplicity and convenience, you will are expected to go where the Itinerary says we go and do what it says we do. Minor modifications may be possible but will need to be thoroughly discussed before-hand.
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