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On Group Dynamics ...
As some of you are well aware, we are staying at a scientific research facililty whose lower fees, rates and costs make such a trip even possible. Therefore, to qualify, we must always consider ourselves to be a group which is basically scientific in nature and conduct ourselves accordingly. You were carefully selected with that in mind ... your natural curiosity and basic interests figured heavily in your favor. Of the 15 members of this year's group, 9 of you have never even been to the BBSR. Those 4 "veterans" among you can be counted on as a good source of basic information, but will not be asked to function as group leaders nor as sources of authority.
I must also ask you to forego any alcohol consumption as we always have refrained on these trips for several reasons ... among those,the legal entanglements it creates for me and my wife, as well as maintaining our excellent reputation at the BBSR. I may well want to continue taking groups here and do not want our welcome to be ruined by unneccessary behaviors. We are not tour guides, cruise directors nor entertainment specialists. You have plenty of opportunity for that in the U.S.
As you will come to realize, we are all responsible for each other and can create a highly positive and memorable atmosphere if we all pull together and help each other ... whether its following rules, staying safe or just helping out when needed. We will function so much more successfully as an extended family group rather than small factions and cliques.
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