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Overview Of The Trip ...

Trip Dates are : Depart. Mon. June 25, 2007 ... Return Sun. July 1, 2007
Bermuda is a strikingly beautiful atoll 690 miles east of South Carolina and the Gulf Stream. It provides many important assets, including the world's northern-most coral reefs, site of several important biological projects, access to several types of Marine environments & a safe environment in which to experience different customs, culture, economics & sociology. The trip is arranged by Mr. Ken Pearsall, NYS certified in Biology, Marine Sciences & Environmental Sciences (29 yrs.), and Mrs. Julia Pearsall, NYS certified in Earth Science & Environmental Sciences (6 yrs.) / Peer Educator (2 yrs.)

Details / Facts :
  • Bermuda is an independent nation with close ties to Britain (it was once a colony), comprised of a total of 110 islands. It is roughly 22 miles long and 1-2 miles wide.
  • You will be staying at the BBSR (Bermuda Biological Station For Research)a total of 6 nights, following a rigorous schedule of snorkeling and visiting places all over the country.
  • The cost figure quoted on this site includes everything needed to do the suggested program for a week. Shopping and other discretionary spending will be covered in the "Money Matters" page.

Frequently-Asked Questions :

Q : Do I have to know how to snorkel ?
A : No ... but you DO have to know how to swim ... and you will be quite unhappy if you dislike the Ocean ! However, if you find you do not want to snorkel , no one is ever forced to.

Q : Do I need the money all at once ?
A : No ... unless you just happen to have it all at once or it is convenient for you. There are usually 3 payments spread out through the year ... something like Dec., Mar. and May .

Q : How safe is it ?
A : Bermuda is a very safe, conservative society & the BBSR is a self-contained 15 acre campus there. There are just a few species of special concern in the Ocean, but you will be fully informed about being around them safely ... besides, no one ever goes anywhere by themselves.

Q : Will I need to get anything, like shots or equipment ?
A : No shots ... but you will need a snorkel, mask and fins ... and may want a skin or thin wetsuit of some kind. You will be fully briefed as to what to get, where, what is too much to spend, etc. if so desired.

Q : What do I pack ?
A : Packing will be covered in great detail for those who have never been to BBSR before.

Q : Will I need a passport ?
A : No, but you MUST have an original birth certificate (or Certified copy) AND a photo ID. A a passport DOES simplify things.

Q : What IS the BBSR?
A : It is a working Biological Laboratory Facility equiped with the latest lab technology and fully supported by full-time culinary staff, maintenance and repair garages, numerous boats of all sizes, a dive shop, and complete library, clerical and computer support.

Q : Who visits the BBSR?
A : Marine Biologists, Oceanographers, University Study Teams and other types of scientists from all over the World. We are allowed to book space there as part of the BBSR's policy of allowing school-related groups to use the facility and have access to the Island.

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