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1960-1969 pg2.

Contact: I'm searching for my nephew,RUSSELL JOHN LEE born in MAY 1963 in Las Vegas, NV to Lela Avonne Bills, Lee, Sprague (born 5/17/44 Los Angeles d.3/16/2000 Indian Springs,NV)and Johnny M.Lee (b12/6/42TN) My father (Russell's grandfather) will be 90 years old on June 13, 2003. He has never stopping worrying about Russell as did my Mom as she was in her last stages of colon cancer in 1980. One of the last things she said was that my dad saw Russell. I have come so close to finding Russell (his bmother may have changed his name)just to be disappointed time after time. I feel that I will see him again soon and that his grandfather will get to see him before it is too late for them. My Dad is not in good health but he is hanging in there! Russell has 2 half brothers and 2 half sisters that desperatly want to find him. His bfather, Johnny Lee was 60 years old on Dec 6, 2002. He has been to Las Vegas several times to search for Russell and continues to search. I hope that someone might read this and can give me information so that ALIA can rejoice in another reunited family! But most of all that Russell's grandfather can see him and let him know he was never forgotton and never wil l be. Russell was 3 months old the last time we saw him. If anyone can help in this search, please post on the ALIA site or e-mail me at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Adoptee female born 10/30/1964 searching for birth family members. Born in Kansas City, Missouri. I believe the hospital was childrens mercy. The attendant at birth was Dr. E. Frank Ellis. My birth mother was aged 27 at the time of my birth. My birth father was aged 31 at the time of my birth and had Hodgkins Disease. Please contact: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I'm seaching for my husbands birth family he was born in New Jersey and adopted thru the division of youth and family services in Morristown. His BD on amended cert. is 4-18-1965, he weighed 9lbs.10oz. 22in. long. he was put in foster home with the name Michael Anthony Roth, this family was allowed to adopt him, the adoption went thru on 11-23-66 according to nonident info, birthmother was born in autumn of 1946,. a protestant of Irish,German and American Indian extraction, she was described as a large heavy woman with dark hair and light complexion, a very shy woman that looked to birthfather to make all major decisions. Birthfather was born in 1929 Roman Catholic and Italian, decribed as a small heavy set man with dark curly hair and an olive complexion. According to summary they got married in elkton Maryland but the marriage was not legel because they were married by a person posing as a minister, they told the agency that they did intend to legalize their marriage. We are also told that the name Roth is birthfathers alias, he apparently assumed the name from his stepfather at a very early age but never had it legally changed. We are also searching for 5 half siblings on birthfathers side that he had from previous marriage, he was paying a fair sum of child support on these children so he felt he couldn't afford t   o raise another child so they put my husband up for adoption, adopted Mother was told that birthMother had a hard time giving him up but was forced to by husband.I don't know how much of this information is correct I'm just going by what caseworker sent us back in 97. We would really like to have a health history, for we have two sons one 18 and the other 12, although husband is very healthy thank God. Husbands decription today: 6ft.2in.tall 235pds, brown hair,blue eyes and demples. Please if anyone has any information at all email Brenda ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I AM A BABY GIRL BORN 6-25-1963, I WAS BORN TINA MARIE SALAZAR. (BDAD'S LAST NAME) BMOM AND BGRADMOM (MATERNAL SIDE) BORN IN HAWAII. BMOM WAS 20 IN 1963 AND BGDMOM WAS 42. BMOM HAD 15 YEARS OLD BROTHER IN 1963 STILL LIVING AT HOME. ( LAST NAME OF PARNELL) BMOM LAST NAME WAS PARNELL AND WAS NOT MARRIED IN 1963. BDAD WAS 20 AND BORN IN CALIFORNIA BGDDAD WAS 44. (MATERNAL SIDE) I AM SEARCHING FOR BRITH FAMILY! ANY ONE LOOKING FOR ME PLEASE EMAIL ME AT POETBEV@YAHOO.COM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: F, born 3-27-1969, Erie, Pa. In search of b/parents and family. 7 lbs.2 oz. 21 1/2 inches long at birth. Tongue-tied at birth, clipped 4-10-1969 by Dr. Kuhn. Adopted through Catholic Charities, stayed at St. Joseph's home for a month. Decree was April 7th 1970. Attorney was Fred Anthony. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Looking for birth mom, KATHRYN ANN MOSELEY SHERMAN. Infant Girl Sherman. I was born 03/01/1961 at University Hospital, Columbus Ohio, Frankin County. She was 23 at the time and had 2 previous births. She lived inside the city limits at the time and also was born in Ohio. No father info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: ISO Bmother and brother. I was Born 9/25/62. BMom name Dolores Irene Marshall (maiden). Brother's name Micheal Wayne Daniels, his birthdate 9/7/61. He was born in Oak Park, IL. Bmom family from Maywood, IL. Also it is very hard to read the registry because of picture in background. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (DANETTE FEDJE) Hello, My name is Danette Fedje, I was adopted.  I was born on October 25, 1967; in Fargo, North Dakota; at St. Lukes Hospital.  Here is all the information that I have gotten so far.        My BMom was born on November 18, 1950.  She was in the 9th grade when she had me and plans to finish her sophomore year through correspondence, and then return to high school the following year.  She also had 5 sisters and 5 brothers, and which one of her sisters died of Leukemia at the age of 19 or 20.  She was 5'2", blue/green eyes, brown hair, light complexion.  She was also from a German and Swedish decent.  She was also a Lutheran.  I was adopted through Lutheran Social Services out of Fargo, North Dakota.       My BFather was 20 at the time of my birth.  He had 2 sisters.  He was 5'5", green eyes, blonde hair, fair complexion.  He had completed high school.       Any help is appreciated & needed, so if you would please post this for me.   Thanks, Danette Fedje ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am looking for my birth daughter, born June 2, 1970  St. Anthony's Hosiptal, Denver, Colorado. I didn't have the choice to keep her, At least not that I knew of, I was 15 never heard of welfare or ways to raise a baby on my own, My parents kept me hid so no one would know. Then the evening she was born they put me too sleep. The nurse did come in after wards and said, You have a beautiful red head daughter. I didn't get to see her. they didn't even have me on the maternity floor. The next morning my mom came in and said there was a lady here for me to sign papers to give up my baby. She said, IF you don't you can't come home and they will take your baby anyhow and put you in a home. I was so stupid I sign them, well my mom has pasted away now 3 years. and I told my husband, She is still hurting me even in death. thanks for listening. I would like something posted on your site if you would take out what you think would be best to put there. Wanda ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (TABATHA) My name is Libby L.Soileau,Born 03/04/1969 at 2:10 p.m.@Ville Platte Medical Center in Ville Platte,Louisiana.My bmom name is Linda H. Roy.The doctor was Dr.Barney Fusilier.The only non id info that i have is that she was a Proffesional Prostitute.She would be between 58-62 years old.Thanks Libby Soileau eamail ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Female adoptee born born 2-4-69 in Cincinnati OH at the Christ Hospital. My birth mother was living at the Maple Knoll Home prior to my birth. I have found that the Christ Hospital was on a separate floor of the building of the Maple Knoll Home. I have recently "found" my adoptive brothers birth parents and after a face-to-face with his mother I learned a lot about the Home and how the home and hospital worked. My brothers mother told me that due to confidentiality that just because I was born in Cincinnati didn't mean my parents were from Cincinnati or from anywhere close. There were people there from many different states while she was there. My birth mother was 22 years old and was a commercial artist. She had received some technical college training. She was 100 pounds and 5'2" prior to my birth. She was born in New York. Her fathers occupation was listed as business and her mother was a hospital volunteer. Religion was Methodist. She had a mild case of polio fever around age 3 but listed health as excellent. My birth father was 27 years old and was a law student. He was 180 pounds and 6'2" tall. He was an aspiring pilot. His father was a deceased coal miner. No info on his mother. Religion was protestant. Health was excellent. I was adopted through KY Baptist Homes for Children and placed in Owensboro KY. I know from talking to Maple Knoll Home and from past experience, that once I get my birth mothers name they will give me info. that they have on her. My brother received his mothers d.o.b., her parents names and their address and phone number at the time of his birth. If I can just find a name I'll have it made. I have my non - id from the agency. I even found a "searcher" once to look by hand in the birth books in Columbus OH, but she said it was too time consuming and she had too many other cases. So mine was put on the back burner. I also applied for Adoptee Assistance with the state of KY with the promise that they'd find my birth mother in 6 months, or they'd ask a judge to open the file to me anyway.   Well, it's been almost 2 years and I"m still waiting due to a backlog. If you have any info on my birth family please contact me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Hello my name is Keith Whitley I am looking for my birthmother! I was born on June 1, 1965 in Atlanta Georgia. I was told I was born at GA Baptist hosptial in atlanta. If anyone has any information please email me at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: adoptee 1965 04/29 I'm unsure if I have already submitted my info to you if I have I'm sorry... Trenton NJ Children's Home Society name given @ birth by bmom Darlene Suzette I weighed 6'13 21 1/2 long bmom Blonde hair green  eyes 5'5 120 Germen Swedish Dutch her mom passed when she was very young in a car crash, her parents were divorced her grandfather was a retired candy store owner her father was a career military man and later became a prison gaurd. She is believed to still be in the area.. She was a junior in high school I believe.   Bdad 5'5 Italian Brown hair Brown eyes he was never told of the pregnancy. His mom was a short stock italian.   That's about all the info I have.. Thank you, Linda ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: PLEASE SEND ME YOUR CONTACT ADDRESS FOR THIS POST FOR A POSSIBLE MATCH ISO Bmom , born 10/11/61 infant girl Alley Chicago Il.Lake Bluff Methosdist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I was born 1-25-63 at Edna Gladney Home in Fort Worth, Texas. My parents were able to bring me home 3 months after I was born. My bmothers name is Betty Hassy-Swindell and she lives in Bonham, Texas. I'm in search of my bfather. She has told me she does not recall who he was. I can only guess that he was not aware of my birth. I would greatly appreciate any help in this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Girl born 2/3/65 at Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington, DC. Adopted through Pierce Warwick Adoption Agency. Searching for bmom or bfamily. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am female Born 4-23-62 birth name was Tina Marie McKoin, born to Birth mother Edna McKoin who was around 17 at my birth. I was born at Lake Bluff Childrens Home, in Lake Bluff, Illinoise which has since moved to Chicago.  I dont want to cause any heartache, I would just lilke to find my birth mother.  Both my adopted parents are deceased and I need medical information for myself and my daughter.  Thank you so much and God Bless you.   Please e-mail me at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adoptee, female, born Baby Girl Page July 20, 1966 in Tempe Community Hospital. Now St. Marks. Born at 5:47 am, delivered by Dr. FW Price. No no id info, yet. Adoptive parents are Henry Eugene, and Kathryn Lois Speaks. Adoption was finalized sometime in 1967. ISO birth family, or even only medical information. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (S Spence) Birthson (adoptee) believed born at old Mercy Hospital, Nampa, Idaho, on/about 7/20/68, 6:43 or 6:45 a.m., 7#, 21", light brown hair - beautiful baby, born breech (?). Remember signing papers either in court room or possibly attorney's office as I left the hospital about a week after delivery - adoption believed to have been arranged through attending doctor, Borron. Birthparents, Sandra Buettgenbach (Spence) and Stanley Spence are both O positive, blonde/brown, blue-eyed. Birthfather is 6'. Birthparents married 12/31/70. Siblings include a sister born 6/25/72 and brother, 8/23/74 (6'3). Birthfather and sibling were very athletic and involved in sports, excelling in baseball. Appears to be a medical history that has been passed from paternal grandfather to birthfather and to sibling in the form of brain/spinal cord/spine disorder. Sibling had brain surgery in '91. Extensive history of cancer in both paternal and maternal relatives. A strong family resemblance between birthparents, siblings, and niece born 6/11/94 to sibling. Maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother still living, large family of aunts, uncle and cousins. Entire family knows of adoptee's birth (adoption). Birthparents have loved and missed adoptee since his birth and would welcome any contact to any degree adoptee might desire. Our hearts and the hearts of his siblings and extended family are open and accepting. or ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Hello I am updating my husband's information, it has been quite a while since we had started searching,he basically gave up. He was born 2/6/68 was adopted at approximately at the age of three mos old. He was adopted out of the St. Joseph's children's home in erie, erie county Pa. He has a birth mark, We are not sure where to go from here,but we thought we would start by reposting his information. thank you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Des Moines, Iowa, Winter 1963 Searching for Male relinquished who is 1/2 sibling to my children by same father. Your BirthMOM was Delia Huston, divorced from birthfather: Thomas F. Huston. Delia had children by previous marriage and this was her reported 1st child by Thomas. Siblings would like to find their brother. Contact: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: October 05, 1960 , Honolulu, Hawaii Male  adult adoptee, Caucasian, name after adoption: Steve Steve and I are in Search for his BirthMother or any family members: Birthdate: October 05, 1960 , Honolulu, Hawaii Hospital: Kapiolani Relinquishment: At birth, (from hospital: approx. 4 weeks) Seeking medical answers and would like to know his origins of relatives, or family.Contact: Marianne ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (Deborah)   Searching for Birth Family. I was born Maria Ann Benson on 9/5/62 at Good Samaritan (Wilcox Memorial) Hospital. My doctor was James M. Whitely. I was put in Waverly Baby Home at Cottage Grove OR. on Jan. 8, 1963. Both my birth parents were/are deaf and I was the third to be given up. My name was changed to Deborah sometime after I got into the foster care system and permanently changed when I was adopted. If anyone is searching for me contact me at Deborah R. Turner Author of If I Perish ISBN: 1-59129-524-6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am the birthmom looking for my child (don;t know gender) that was born on 10-13-65 at Grady Memorial Hospital.  I was 17 yrs old and the doctors were The Bartholemew Group and they recommended the adoption agency to my family.  I have three children that we would love to know their sibbling and let you know that we love you.  My email address is  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Still looking for birth mother/father, other siblings. DOB: 5-9-60. Ohio Valley G. Hospital, Wheeling, WV adopted through F.C. Home, Wheeling, WV. Birth mother from New Mexico. My twin sister died ten hours after birth. J.E. Hazelip was on twin's death certificate.  Thank You and God Bless J SUZY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: female adoptee, born june28, 1961 in jersey city nj iso bfamily i was adopted through catholic charities in newark nj . bmom name was Fran 24 and not married to b father he was 26. i was fitted with leg braces prior to being placed in adoptive parents home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: 3/24/68 ~TN ***F/ad ISO info on Bparents/siblings. My Bname was Karen Denise Houston, born in Greeneville, 3/24/68. I was adopted in '69 through Holsten United Methodist Children's Services. My mother's name is Katherine Ann Owens (maiden) Houston born 1/18/46, but she divorced before my adoption. Father is Fred McGhee (BD unknown). Sister is Marcianna (Marcy) Houston, born 8/3/65. Brother is William Thomas Houston, Jr (Billy), born 11/27/66. Due to state laws, I have to go through Human Resources for contact, but I need current info for contact to be possible. Sharon ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I'm an adoptee searching for my birth mother and half brother. I was born November 1, 1966, in Toronto, ON, at Grace Hospital. My birth name was Brenda Marie Ball. My bmother was 22 at the time of my birth, and originally from Newfoundland. My bfather at the time of my birth was 26, and originally from Nova Scotia. My half brother was left in Newfoundland to be raised by my bmother's parents when she left for Ontario early in 1965. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: 6/11/1963 I'm trying to locate   ANY of my husbands birth family.  His name was listed as Steven Paul Morgan on his adoption papers.  His bmother lived in Glenrock, Wyoming with his adopted grandparents (now deceased) until the time of his birth.  He was born at Natrona County Hospital in Casper, WY.  The adoption papers were finalized February 7, 1964 with Judge T. C. Daniels presiding.   Thank you,  Donna Bucher ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: ISO half-brother born in fall/summer 1960 in Coos County Oregon b/mother is deceased maiden name Patton or Perrette 14 at time of birth found out have gentic diease in family that can be deadly if not detected in time, but have been looking before that discovery just need to find your more now e-mail ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Looking for B Mom. Female baby born Our Lady of Victory, Lakawanna, NY on or about March 9, 1964 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Male adoptee ISO any birth family: Name given after adoption: Thomas Lloyd Taylor DOB: 12/19/66 Place: Ft Myers, FL (Lee County) Hospital: Lee County Memorial Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz, Length: 19.5" Eyes: Hazel, Hair: Brown Placement date: 3/10/67 Agency: Dept of Public Welfare (Dept of Children and Families) Attorney: Charles E. Becht Adoption Finalized: 8/28/67 Place Finalized: Ft Pierce, FL (St Lucie County) Court District: 19th Judicial Circuit Presiding Judge: Wallace Sample (Roger Poitras, Clerk) Afather: Thomas Otto Taylor Amother: Eleanor Marie Rowe Taylor AFamily Stories: According to what has been said by my aparents over the years, my bmom was quite young—most likely still in high school—when I was conceived. The same has been said of the bdad, although without as much conviction. Bmom, who was from W Virginia, was sent to visit her grandmother, who lived in Florida and just happened to be a nurse at Lee County Memorial Hospital. Also according to my aparents, they actually "chose" me, that is to say that somehow they picked me from among several other babies at some place (orphanage or some-such thing) where I, apparently, had been taken. Whilst there, I was fed Beachnut baby food, Karo Syrup and water, and fresh fruit. They tried to get me to eat beets, liver, and lamb, but I wasn't having any of it. Noteworthy is that though I doubt that I actually had a name before the adoption, I have an incredibly strong affinity for the name "Jim" as though someone somewhere called me that. Search info: Registered with ISRR, FARR, and countless websites (mostly CARE and SOAR certified). I did receive confirmation from both ISRR and FARR that I was registered. I have officially requested (in writing) my non-id from the Florida Department of Children and Families, Post Adoption Services Unit. I am in possession of the final adoption decree (or at least the copy that was given to my aparents) and several other pieces of paper that deals with my adoption, e. g. the notification of the filing of the amended birth certificate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (David Boundy) My name is Margaret boundy and I would love to be on your registry my info: searching for my birthson born 10/26/68 in Providence hospital which I believe was in Detroit, Michigan at the time, previous to his birth I was in the Sarah=Fisher home in Farmington Hills, Michigan. I named him at birth Christopher John Rice, my name at the time was Margaret Elaine Rice. I was 17 and my parents would not allow me to keep him. He was adopted through the CSS in Oakland county, Michigan. I have loved and missed him everyday. If anyone can help me find him, just to know he is alive and happy, I would forever be grateful! Margaret ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (Sheryl Reed) Baby girl born and abandoned and found June 30, 1967 in Waukegan, IL. Left in parked vehicle at St. Theresse Hospital. Searching for any information regarding birth parent(s)/siblings/relatives. Been searching for a long time and would love to fill in the missing pieces of my identity. Happy childhood/adult life, but would love to know, "who's Little Girl am I"! My email is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am searching for information on my birthfamily. I was born 1/20/66 in Providence, RI at St. Joseph's Hospital. My birthmother was 17, of English/Scottish descent. Her father had been in the Navy for 22 years. She stayed at the Sophia Little Home during her pregnancy. My birthfather was early 20's, of german descent. Said to be enlisted in the Navy as a Seabee, and was originally from Wisconsin. If you have information, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST - DO NOT CONTACT POSSIBLE BFAMILY. My email address is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: F ISO Bmom/Bfamily. 7/16/60-Seattle Washington, Swedish Hospital. Weighed 10lbs6ozs at birth.Adoption handled through Associated Lutheran Welfare. Bmoms name was Billie; she was 23 yrs old when she had me, and married (although she lied on the paperwork and said she was divorced)but her husband was not my Bdad.Adoption finalized in April 1961 in Pierce County. I will never give up Billie ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: June 13, 1965, born Baby Boy Harron at St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson NJ. Private adoption placed by Dr. John Campbell with Colonel Robert Vaughn and Ruthe Vaughn who were residing in Arlington, Virginia. JOHN VAUGHN iso B-Mom.   Please contact me at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Birth mom in search of daughter. Born 9/19/62 at the FCH in Denver. Transfered to Routt Co. Dept. of Public Works social workers on 10/4/62. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I was born in Chambersburg Hospital, Pa. on 10\11\1967 I was born a red head,Weighed 8 lbs. 2ozs. and was 20 3/4 inches in length. My birth mother I was told was in labor with me for 25 hrs. and 10 mins. The adoption was done at the Children's Aid Society in Chambersburg, Pa. My name after the adoption was Merrie Elizabeth Smith. Please if any one knows anything or knows where I can get more help on this subject please e-mail me at Thanks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Born 4/14/67 at Albany Medical Center Hospital, Albany, NY. I am a female adoptee searching for any birth family. Birth mother was 19 and a student. Birth father was 29 and a teacher with a degree in History. They had dated for 1 1/2 years. Father gave mother $ and wanted no further involvement. I was placed in foster care at birth but was not adopted until October of 1968. Albany County DSS handled the adoption. All info. provided by NYS non id. info. There may be discrepancies. If this sounds at all familiar please contact me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am searching for my birthcousin. He was born on 7/17/68 in Buffalo, NY at Sisters of Charity Hospital. I believe the adoption was handled through Catholic Charities. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Baby"Michelle" born 12/01/69, San Bernardino Community Hospital 4:06 am. Birth mom born 8/1948 in Oregon; age 21 at time of birth, 5'7", 116#,brown hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion, French-Spanish nationality. ?Beautician.Kept first born son, born Oct. 1968-"healthy, good-sized, solid"-brown hair, blue eyes. Mom married first time Sept. 1966; divorced Dec. 1968, then married my birth FA Jan 1969. Father born in NY, 24 years old at time of birth. Irish, 6'0", 160#, brown hair, hazel eyes, olive skin. Occupation laborer. Foster parents from Bloomington, CA know birth mom!!Please help... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: BM ISO BSon born 08/1-15?/1966 Boston, MA at Boston Lying In Hospital. Birth name: Robert Alan Biehl. BM's maiden name: Sandra Sue Biehl. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I Was born at Booth Memorial Hospital in Queens on April 7, 1967 My name at the time of my birth was Mary No last name known.  I was adopted from Leake and Watts Childrens Home in Yonkers Ny.  My adoption was finalized on July 23, 1968.  My Birth mother was 19 and unwed at the time of my birth.  No information on my biological father.  I am insearch of my Biological Mother No name known and any siblings I might have.  The court that handled my adoption was Putnam County Suragate Court in Carmel NY.  You can E mail me at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm looking for my daughter born 4-19-69 at Lutheran General Hospital in Park ridge, IL she was adopted out thru Itasca Children's Home in bensenville, IL. I was told it's now called LifeLinks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Female adoptee born 12-22-69 in Asheville North Carolina. Searching for BM and BF. Adoption was in Marshall North Carolina. Mother was at Faith Cottage Maternity Home run by Elaida Homes in Asheville North Carolina. Non Ident. info gave Mother's age as 20, father's as 24. Just beginning to think about searching again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (Thomas Miller) Thomas Edward Miller - Guillermo Eduardo Fulqueri. Hi, I'm Guillermo Eduardo Fulqueri, I live in Coral Gables, Florida and I'm searching my birthmother. I'm born in Syracuse on 08/16/1965. My birth certificate, (amendment),registration#4819, Dist.#3301. My birthname: Thomas Edward Miller. My mother last name was Miller, she had 18 years old when I born; her mother had asthma; her father died after 1946 and before 1965 of a heart attack, she had 1 sibling. The adoption was handled by Onondaga County Department of Social Services. I have my non-ID: My birthmother had dark brown hair, brown yes, your weight 110 lbs, your height 5'3", education 12, and she was a student and office work at time of birth..My weighed b7lbs 1/2 oz at birth.     And I think so, she born in 1947/48.My order of adoption finalized 11/30/1967, the Lawyer was Angelo Pettrone; Juzge: Peter P. Kolakowski. My adoption was handled of Onondaga County of Social Services, Family Court of the New York. The letters from the Court and Welfare was signed for: Dorothy Maceri and Alene Stevenson . My adopted mother baptized me, in St Ann's Church, 104 Academy St, Manlius, on December 18, 1966; and my adoption decree was signed Nov. 30; 1967!!!. Was possible baptized before at the adoption decree?. Before my adoption decree my adopted parents and me, we've go to Canada and come back for three times, (January, August and September 1966), I dont understand because the adoption decree was signed Nov 30; 1967. When I asked at my amother for that, she answer. I dont remember what the paper I had.         Before my adoption, my adopted father was a teacher of Military Manlius School and Syracuse University; my adopted mother was a teacher of Fayeteville Manlius School. My adopted mother move only with me to Argentina in January 7, 1968 and never come back to USA, my adopted father was a teacher of Military Manlius School and Syracuse University, language teacher for 10 years more, and move o Argentina in 1978, he visit us in Argentina, one or two times in a year. The names of my adopted parents is: Raquel Juana Faga and Guillermo Angel Fulqueri. Thomas Miller ISO Birthmother 08/16/1965 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact:   ISO birth parents. I was born on or around August 29, 1964. My birth name was Kimberly Leigh/Lee. I weighed around 6 pounds and 7 ounces. Birthmother was married but not to my father. She was 16 when she had me. I was adopted at approxamtly 22 months of age in Flint, Michigan. I have had numerous medical problems and am now very ill. I need a medical background so I can let my doctors and my childrens doctors know what is hereditary. You don't have to meet with me if you don't want. I just want to know if my illness is somethng that can be passed to my children. Thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (Paulette) August 30/1965, Denver Colorado! I am a female adoptee in search of birth family. Bio-Grandfather was a supervisor at a sugar mill & Bio-Grandmother a buyer for major dept. store in Denver, CO. Mother-17/Father-21. Not sure if exactly accurate....If any of this sounds like you or someone you knew or know- Please e-mail me at                                 "PEACE & SERENITY TO ALL!"     Thankyou!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: DOTCALMNKY@AOL.COM ISO: birth mother, Joyce Ann Hazelip from New Mexico MY DOB: 5/9/60 she stayed at Florence Crindenton Home I was born in Ohio Valley General Hospital as well as my twin sister whom died ten hours after birth.  If there is anyone with any information I would truly appreciate it.  My search angel ran into all dead-ends...............The BM was from Alberq. I think............I was adopted to A.T. Hall family in Vienna, WV.............Thanks for letting me post this which has turned up zero...........Good luck to those in search of.........God Bless.............Suzanne Baker ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Birth date 6/4/1968 Birth Name Mary Ann Mcclain Birth Place Ireland Army Hospital, Fort Knox, Ky Birth Mother Deborah Whittaker Birth Father James Mcclain Adopted Name Xenia Hiriak Adopted Parent Andrew and Texie Hiriak Both Bfather and Afather were stationed in the Army in Fort Knox, Ky at the time of birth..I believe that Bparents were originally from Florida..Aparents were from Pennsylvania..Any Info greatly appreciated.. email ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am a female adoptee born on February 20, 1961 at St. Bernadines Hospital in San Bernardino, CA. I am in search of any and all birth family members. I was adopted through the San Bernardino County adoption agency at birth. I have no names of my birth parents, I only know that they were natives of Texas, she was 20 yrs old and he was 24 yrs. old. My mother was of Irish/Scottish descent, my father was European. They were both Protestant. If any of this sounds familiar or you think you can help, contact me @ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Searching for Laura Rose Mcfarland, AKA Laura Rose Winder and Laura Rose Farr,born in Washington State, delivered a babygirl at Downey Community Hospital, California in 1969. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (Christine Kirtley) I was born 4/23/1969 at St. Francis hospital in Topeka ,kansas to a Carolyn Kay Simons / Trimble she already had 5 children with Trimble husband and then me baby girl Trimble. My biofathers name was or is Hubert Paul Jones nickname Peewee a tall man worked as a roofer or painter. I have found out that he or my grandfather same name but nickname PAPPy lived at 1116 quincey and 1113 monroe st apt 8 now they are empty lots. I talked to the man that owned quincey address but he only could tell me he thought that he might have lived in Burlington ,ks at one time. He also said he worked at a place owned by a now deceased  (Richard Cummings) Richards café I need to find his wife she might have information on him. I have finally gotten to 1975 but at a dead stop again . I need some help please someone help me find my dad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (Brian Berent) My name is Samantha Berent.  I was born 11/17/1966 at North Miami General Hospital.  The attorneys involved are Helen Tanos Hope (FL) and Joseph Spencer (NY).  I am looking for any birthfamily.  My non-identifying information says that mother was 25 years old at the time of my birth.  And I was baby ?Smith?. Thank You,. Samantha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am looking for my husband's birth mother, father, or any family members. He was born on May 3, 1961 at St. Benedicts Hospital in Ogden Utah. His mother was single at the time. He is in desperate need of medical information. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (Donna Bucher) I am searching for my husbands birth family.  His son is having some serious health problems and we need to know a  medical background. He was born in Memorial Hospital, Natrona county, Casper, Wyoming on June 11,1963.  His birth mothers name may have been Morgan. This is the name that appears on his adoption papers as his last name.  We really need the medical background so any help would be greatly appreciated.  I've put more than one request on your network Bernice and I can't tell you how much you are appreciated.   Thank you.   Donna ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I was born 11/20/1968 in tampa, Florida (I think). Adoption took place when I was 3 Weeks old at the childrens home in Tampa. I have NO info. on birthparents so if this is even remotely familiar, please contact me!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Half sibilings in search of brother born July 24,1964.Place of birth we believe was Lady of Victory Lackawanna NY.My mothers name was Sharijyl Angela Aldrich and she was 16 at the time and stayed at Father Bakers Home for Unwed Mothers.She hid her pregnancy till almost the end.She may have been know by the name "Jill".She has been deceased now for 10 yrs and we have no further information.Catholic Charities may have handled the adoption. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Searching for birth parents/family. I was born November 20, 1968 (11/20/68), in Phoenix, Arizona (Maricopa County) at Good Samaritan Hospital. Birth moms name was Mary Ann Humphrey. She was in her early 20's at the time of my birth. I have no information about my birth father. The attending physician was Dr. Terrance Hull. Originally, the relinquishment papers were signed on November 21, 1968 while she was still in the hospital. A private attorney in Phoenix, by the name of George Sorenson, Jr, handled the adoption. My adoptive parents were living in Utah at the time and traveled to Phoenix to get me directly from the hospital on November 23, 1968. They soon moved to Alexandria, Virginia, and so the adoption was finalized there through the Commonwealth of Virginias Department of Social Services. The Virginia Adoption Case # was 48,697. It turned out that Virginia required a 10-day period between the birth and the execution of the consent, so my birth mother had to again sign a relinquishment form, which she did on December 26, 1968 in the office of the attorney, George Sorenson, Jr. He acted as the notary public on that form. The adoption was finalized on February 20, 1970 in Virginia and signed by Judge Wiley R. Wright, Jr. My adoptive parents were LDS (Mormon), as was the attorney, and I suspect that Mary Ann Humphrey was LDS as well. My adoptive parents were military, and at the time my Dad was a Major in the Air Force - their names are Dwayne P. and LaRue C. Wright. I have three adopted siblings as well, though we are not related. I was #4 of 4 children adopted by our parents. I was told that Mary Ann Humphrey was aware that they had previously adopted other children and that they were LDS, which apparently capped her decision. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am a female adopted in search of birth Mom. i was born on 03/05/60 in Chattanooga Tennessee birth Mom is listed as Mary Frances. i was told she was 20 or 21 at the time of birth & was working at plains mills. the lawyer who handled the adoption was Hargraves & Hargrave their address at that time was suit 205 professional bldg. my adoptive parents were mark and genie Huguenin. e-mail thank you for any help. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Male born 11-21-62 in Charlotte NC in serch of any birth family. Mother name may have been Mary Hamilton. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: (Rebecca Mullins) ===== Becky aka Rebecca Diane Brooks iso son Baby Brooks 5-7-69 McNeil Hospital Berwyn, IL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Girl looking for birth mother. Born in Boston Ma. on 10/09/1963 at 2:37 p.m. Birth weight was 6lbs. 7oz. First name may have been Lori. Birth mother was 16 and birth father was 24 at time of birth. Birth mother had one sister and birth father had four siblings. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am searching for my birth brother. He was born 6/22/64 in Tacoma Washington at 8:15. He was a premie weighing 5lbs 4oz. His birth parents where married in 1966 and had two daughters, 1 in 1970 and me in 1973. He was given a birth name of Timothy Eugene Johnson, bmom Carol Robbins, bdad Lanny Johnson. any info would be great!! Thanks Diane ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact:     I am a birthmother in search of my birthson. He was born on December 22, 1969 in Asheville, NC at Mission Memorial Hospital. He was delivered by Dr. H E Hinman. He was returned to Wake County where he was placed in foster care until his adoption. He was later placed with his adoptive family in Henderson County and the adoption was handled by the two counties jointly. I believe he was placed on March 17, 1970.....The non-id tells me that he was adopted by a young couple with no other children at that time. The father was in the military and had his GED. The mother was a homemaker and a high school graduate. Both were active in their church and they lived in the area where the mother had grown up. My son was said to be a happy, healthy, and well adjusted child......On the birth index my name is not correct. My name was Mary Jane Williams. It has Mary Jo Williams.     If anyone has any information about this young man please contact me at   Thank you.                                             Mary W. Watson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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