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09/18/02-----June 16, 1961 Bernice Ann Johnson I am Searching for my B/Family Born in Richlands, Va ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 09/18/ ( FOUND ) Male Adoptee born 11/06/65 LaCrosse Wisconsin. ISO B/Mother and Siblings. B/Mom Date of Birth 11/11/37 Female adoptee 5/23/67 born in Phila, Pa- ISO Bmom-was 25 years old at time of my birth- protestant faith-was married but seperated- had 2 children a boy and a girl from that marriage- ages 6 and 8- atty was Ray Rubens- Dr.Arnold Goldberger ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ISO my bson who was born January 19, 1963 at my parents home in Murray, Iowa. We were transferred immediately after birth to the Clarke County Hospital in Osceola, Iowa. I don't know if the Clarke County Welfare Department or the Polk County Welfare did the adoption. I did sign the release papers at my parent's home, but remember very little about it. I have sent for non-ID, but so far am having no luck. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am in search of My Birth Family, that may include, any immediate Family. I am a Female . I was born on:3/30/67 in Arizona, Maricopa County Hospital. St. Joesph's. I am a Hopi Indian. I Know I have 2 older Brothers that are considered My Half-Brothers, One adopted out of the family too. One was raised by the Paternal Grandparents.My Birth Mother was Divorcing their Dad and went to College in another county and Started a new relationship ,"MY Birth Father". He was Married or Divorced and Had a Few Children. So I am Unsure as to "WHO" Knows If I Exists ,Except for My Birth Mother. I was rasied in New York and have a Fine life , Raised with 3 other adopted Brothers and Sister. I Have 4 Children ad would Love to have the Knowledge of MY Past and hopefully have a relationship with my Birthfamily ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ female born 3/20/1966 as debra m decker bmom donna bdad david bmom born in 1946 she has not been found yet her maidian name is donna jean morin she has a son whos name is bryon lee wolf who im now looking for.have contacted all the ones listed in people finds does anyone know the where abouts of these two people donna born 1946 bryon born 1971 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ISO my half sister DOB Sept. 19, 1967 at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.Birthname was Francesca Estelle LaCasse. CAS claims she was given Yanie as a first name ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I am searching for my mother's first-born daughter. She was born 4-15-63 in Clinton,Iowa. Her adoption was private and handled through attorneys. My mother would love very much to find her as would I. She has never stopped thinking of her...Please if anyone can help, email me at this addy: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~09/18/02 --- Searching for daughters BM, Irma (Erma) Yates whose address in 1966 was R.R.1 Edwardsville, Illinois.Irma gave birth to Karen ranee(Renee) Yates on July 13th, 1966 in Jerseyville, Illinois.This was a private adoption & attorney said Irma was about 33 yrs old then.If anyone out there has any info, please E-mail me at Daughter has 4 kids & would love to meet Irma(if she wishes) & siblings. She would also like to have medical info. Thank you, Wanda ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Female adoptee iso birthmom and/or family.  Born on or about 1/21/1961 (according to adoption certificate) in Syracuse, NY at St. Mary's Hospital (Maternity Home). Birthname according to adoption certificate - Christine Marie Webb. Birth weight - 6 lbs. 15 ozs.  Adoption arranged though Catholic Charities. Lawyer for adoptive family was Tarkey Lombardy (former NY Senator). Adoption finalized in the Family Court , County of Onondaga, Syracuse, NY,  in March 1963.  Miss Dernardine E. Downes was the investigator for the court.  Please contact me at with any information. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Birthmom iso male adoptee born 12/19/66 at St. Peter's Hospital, Albany, NY. Relinquished thru Catholic Charities. Mary DeCotis was the case worker. Birth mom stayed at St. Catherine's Home, Albany, NY. Child's name at birth was Christopher Scott LeRuzic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seeking birth family-----Born:Rose Marie Bakken 1/1/1966 Spokane Washington , Sacred Heart Hospital Adopted 1968 by the Wright family- named Muriel Marie Wright --- Adopted through Walla Walla County court House Foster Parents names were "lambs" all I kknow about them. Birth Parents Names - Cynthia M. Bakken ( not dead set on the middle ) and Richard Bakken they were married in 1962 she was 18 at the time---seperated in 1965........ Siblings--- One born in 62 unknown male name-stayed with maternal grandma-Another birth brother born Richard Luois Bakken 1964 in Walla Walla Washignton 3/30/1964 adopted same time same family----Name Changed to Ricard D. Wright---he is supporting my search and behind me all the way..........sad part is that in 1986ish someone found him (pi) and at that time he was mad at the world and told him to go away leave his sister alone(me) and that we were fine-I told him different after he called me and told me ,but to late as he couldn't find the card the PI had gave him. Adoptive parenets have passed on and I would love to find my "other" betrayel felt because my parents were always honest and told me to find them if I wanted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~09/19/02 --- 2/17/69 Female born in Galveston, Tx iso birth mother. Adopted at age 7 mos. by family living in Houston. Born 12-30-1908 at Riverside Hospital, Newport News,Va. My bm was 16 or 17 when she had me, born approximatly 1963-1964. I was born with severe anemia and aspergers syndrome (which is genetic). I was adopted in March or April of 1981. The adoption was known to be out of Richmond, but according to Va it was Hampton. Adoptive parents are from Charlottesville, VA. Mother may have gone to high school in Newport News or Hampton. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Searching for:     Mark David Sheer   Born 10/21/68   Buffalo, NY   Childrens Hospital     Adoption handled thru Erie County Department of Social Services Bmother Lynn Sheer (legally Lynda)     I have always had you in my heart and in my mind. I have never forgotten you and I love you very very much (LEE ROSENAUR) LEE ANN DANIELS, BORN 12/29/65 IN SAN ANTONIO TX AT BAPTISH MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.  SEARCH FOR BIRTH PARENTS.  I WAS TOLD MY BMOM'S NAME IS CATHY AND I HAVE NO INFORMATION ON BDAD.  MY APARENTS PASSED AWAY AT A YOUNG AGE, SO I NEVER GOT ALL THE INFORMATION I NEED FROM THEM.  MY EMAIL IS LARPEARL@MSN.COM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10/02/02 email: DOB 9/20/1968 Female adoptee searching. Born at Riverside Memorial Hospital in Columbus OH. Private adoption arranged through atty prior to my birth. Bmom/dad unmarried, both 18 from "southern" OH area. bmom sent to live with columbus friends until after my birth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ISO older half-sister. She was born May 2, 1960 in Detroit,Mi. Our birth mother Mary Louise Miller stayed at the Florence Crittenden Home of Detroit,Mi at the time of my sister's birth. She was put up for adoption.. I was born and adopted in 1968 in San Antonio, Tx. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Female born 8/15/65 in Dade County/South Miami, FL. Adopted by a couple from Queens, NY through private attorneys (names as yet not remembered by adoptive Dad, but working on it :D). Dad recalls Birthmother being a college student. I was flown to NY on 8/18/65. I only learned about a month and a half ago that I was adopted, and am fine about it, but am very curious. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Senders email: i am looking for mary pendleton last heard was in debuque iowa.i was adopted from martinsville va and had two sisters mary and barbra pendleton.i was born august 1 1962.mothers first name was betty and she remarried a larry cobbler.dont know fathers first name but his last name was pendleton.i think mothers m middle name was jeanne but not sure.mary and barbra grew up in martinsville va with natural grandparents dont know there names.if any one has any information please email ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10/16/02 email: Gerald W. MacNeil, I was born March 17, 1964 at Kent County Hospital, Dover DE. I was adopted out when I was just a few weeks old and know nothing of my birth family. Anyone with any information, please email me. Thank you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ email: Searching for daughter born 2-15-1969, Miami Florida Thank You, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ female adoptee born 11-22-68 in methodist hosp in Des Moines Iowa. Private adoption before birth. Birth mother from Iowa, but had lived in California with birth father. contact: (B lofgren) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Frances Felton) Birth Mother ISO Adoptee Sean Michael Felton born 6/10/68 Searching for Sean Michael Felton born 6/10/68 @ Holy Spirit Hosp,  Camp Hill, PA (Cumberland County), adopted a few months later through Cath Char, Harrisburg, PA by family who had already adopted 1 child through Cath Char, &, after adopting Sean Michael, wished to adopt a third child.  For a few weeks prior to Sean Michael's birth, and also a few weeks after, I stayed with Susan & Gary Sheldon, and their young sons, David & Bryan.  They were also Sean Michael's daytime caregivers while I was @ work (in Harrisburg), & then they were the "two-week-trial-separation-period" "foster family", prior to being placed with his "permanent" family (whose name I do not know...per Cath Char...all info forever sealed!) Thank You and God Bless You!! Fran Felton ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ email: Baby girl, DOB Dec 29 1966, born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada . Adopted from Milton, Ont. Childrens Aid as a new born. My name given at time of adoption was Lisa Ann Collins. If anyone can help me in my search of thinks they might know me please contact this sites owner. Thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ email: Hi to all. Im new to this web sight so if i do something wrong please let me know. I am looking for my bfamily.My dob is 7-19-1969 in or around Chicago,Il. I think my bmoms name is Connie but dont know the last name and my bdad we think was Angelo or Anthony Fiorie(not sure of spelling). My bdad and his wife are the ones who put me up for adoption. If anyone can help me it would be great and if not i hope to make some new friends i can share my feelings with. I hope everyone has a great holiday with great news on their searches. God bless and thankyou. My e-mail addy is if anyone wants to talk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi, My birthmother was 23 when she gave birth to me on Feb 23 , 1960. I am a female who has been searching for more than 17 years.Her name was Doris. I believe Davidson but may have been Davison. She was born in Mississipi. I was adopted at 2 years old in Indiana. Thanks, Patricia My email is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Email: B.PARENTS: PARKER/BUSH ISO SISTER-N-LAWS B.PARENTS. BORN MARY JANE PARKER, 10-24-68, IN CUYAHOGA CO. OHIO. B.MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME BUSH. PLEASE, IF ANYONE HAS INFO. CONTACT US @ BIGGBOUTEE@AOL.COM THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!  MAY GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: M/a ISO b/family, taken into foster care along with 2 brothers and 1 sister in 1971, 1 each older brother 1 younger, sister is older as well, I am third in birth family order, was adopted at age 10, was told bparents were very reluctant on relenquishing parental rights, Not sure if it took 8 years for others to be adopted, older brother was adopted to family in Maine, Last I knew older sister was allowd ro live with same family, unsure if she was ever adopted by them. My DOB is 1/29/1969, born in Manchester, New Hampshire, birth place and date are correct, as I have seen original BC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: (lisa yater) I am a female adoptee looking for any birth family.  I was born 03/02/1965 in Ft. Worth, TX  an adopted out of Homestead Adoption Agency which has closed and records burned?  Is there any hope.  I have no other info.  Thank you for your help. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi,I am an adoptee in search of my birthmother and or birthfather.I was born 9/24/63.I am a female. Was born in San Francisco, Ca. My birthname was Molly. I beleive my birth Mom was 19 her name: Ruth Ann Taylor birthdad possibly John Brown..........He was born in Texas........Ruth was born in Washington not sure of the cities except I am sure of mine S.F. e-mail me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ email: I was born baby girl Rosenberg, adoption was handled through Jewish Children's Bureau of Chicago. I'm hoping to get any medical records/history. My intention is not to be disruptive to anybodys life including my own. I have wonderful parents and a good life. I only wish the best for the woman who gave me up for adoption. Hoping this message finds its way. Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ email: I am a female adoptee ISO B-family. I was born in Harrisburg,PA.on 11/22/1965   6lbs 1 1/4 oz and 19 inches long. Adoption was finalized 04/14/1966 through Catholic Services. B-mom is 5'4" 142 lbs, b-father 5'8". B-mom has a milk allergy and so did I as a baby. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it. Good luck to all! Anne ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ email: Looking for b/mother or B/father or both. My DOB 19.Feb.1966 Toronto Canada. I have a pssport with surname Lamothe (possibly Birth name) Adopted from St. Therese Hull Quebec. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FOUND !!!!!!! email: ISO Birth sisters born between 65 and 68. One sister was born in MARYLAND and the other in ILLINOIS. Their birth names were MELANIE AND MELISSA ABERNATHY.Birth parents Gerald and Elizabeth Abernathy. Older brother Patrick 10/62 and older sis me Barb 5/64. They had blonde hair and blue or brown eyes. They may have both been adopted from Illinois...not sure. Birth mom can not remember dates or places. I am at a loss. I was born at Prince Georges County Hospital in Maryland....she may have been too. Her name may still be Melanie. Barb ...aka baby girl Abernathy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: iso birthfamily, female, michelle ahern born January 7;, 1964, vandenburg air force base. bmom is maiden name dalby, bfather name is jd ahern, one or both parents must have been in military as born on base. bparents were married at time of birth, please contact me at, desire to obtain medical information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: ISO b family, born august 24,1969 at Warsaw Indiana,Kosciusko co. hospital. mothers maiden name was Barbara Stolz. baby boy Stolz, was adopted through the county welfare dept. finalized in 1970. Fathers name unknown but recieved some non id info on him. DESPERATELY wanting to share 2 beautiful grandchildren and a lifetime of wanting to know where i come ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: Female child born 4/15/65 @ 12:42AM Birth Name: Sally Robertson Adoption Agecy: Holy Family Adoption Agecy Adopted Name: Jill Harrington Adoptive Parents: Joyce & Don Harrington Birth Mother was a resident of St. Anne's Mathernity Home in L.A. CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: Female born 3-9-1968 at Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City, OK. Adoption was handled through an attorney and my adoptive parents live in Okmulgee, OK. I assume that the attorney was in Okmulgee also. Any help is greatly appreciated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FOUND!!!!!!!!!!! email: D.O.B. 6/12/56 - GREG BUSH - (AKA   JOSEPH REDMON) - CINCINNATI, OHIO I have found my biological birthmother and birthfamily. My Search Angel, Linda, was very instrumental in providing valuable information to me. We worked well as a team. I found my birthmother on 12/6/02. She was coming to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit her Granddaughter, who is my biological Niece; therefore, the timing was great! She brought many photo albums along with important medical information, as well as my bloodline history. My Mother is a wonderful person with a great big heart and personality. I now know why my Mother had to put me up for adoption, and of course, at age 15 there was not much she could do take care of me alone... I am very greatful to this wonderful website, and I am very greatful to my Search Angel, Linda, and my Wife, Kimith, who have made me a very, very, happy and blessed person. I certainly feel blessed to have had a kidney transplant during April 2002 and to have found my birthmother during December 2002. This has certainly been a beautiful Christmas present for me. I believe this is certainly a story that need to be told. However, I have not told my adopted mother about my biological mother, but I am praying that this too shall come to pass in time! God Bless you, the Moderators, and All Involved in Lobbying for Adoptee Rights. Greg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: My name is Doug. I am searching for my birth parents. I was born in Orange County, California 11/21/1969. I want to find out if I have any siblings and have some closure on my past. My mothers name is Cheryl Nichols(maiden)and my fathers name is Steven Tolstoy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: My name is David Allie, and I was born on May 18,1969, in Iowas Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, and I have an amended birth certificate dated May 27, 1969. The attending physician was LW. Porter,and there was another doctor, Dr. Eckmann who was somehow involved in the adoption. My mother was supposedly young and of Italian heritage, from Chariton or Shenandoah, Iowa or a surrounding community. My adoptive mother heard that my birthfather later fathered a child with my birthmother's cousin. My mother signed relinquishment papers for three consecutive days before my adoptive parents claimed me. I am trying to search without my adoptive mother's assistance. I am primarliy interested in a health history but also any birth family member connections. I fear the adoption may not have been entirely legal, as my adoptive mother claims she told a co-worker she wanted to adopt, the co-worker put her in touch with a local doctor, who arranged the adoption. I am registering every place I can think of to make a match if possible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: born 5/9/68 inglewood, ca. looking for birth mother or other brothers and sisters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: Adoptee ISO bmom. I was born 8/29/1964 @4:14 pm,in St Paul, Mn. My bmom was 17 @ the time. All I know is that she was very petite, had completed 10th grade,did not have any background info. on herself as she too was adopted as an infant. I was adopted through Catholic Charities in St Paul, Mn.Baptismal name was Leslie Rae/Ray (?) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: Looking for bmom. for friend D.O.B 3/17/63 in Pgh. PA Adoption Date 3/29/63. Baby boy name @ birth Keneth David. Was either born in South Side Ho., Mercy Ho., or Magee. Mom was from eastern part of PA. The name of the social worker was Jurysta, worked with Butler Catholic Charities. Bmom was in the Rosalia Home for unwed mothers. Bmom was in her early 20's father was considered a "risk taker". If you know anything please contact me. God bless to you all. Trust in the Lord!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ contact: Female adoptee born 6/7/1961 in Elkins Park Pa. (Abington Hospital) searching for any birth family. Feel free to distribute or share my info with other registries ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ contact: I was born on aug 27 1967 in cook county Illinois. My birth last name was Bazos. I was taken from my parents in 1969 From Dcfs and adopted in 1970. I have requested no id info but so far no luck. Any one that may no me or anything about bparents please let me know ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am searching for my daughter who was born on April 14,1964 in Tennessee.If you think this sounds like you or someone you know,please contact me.I have more info I will share then ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: hello to all! my name is sherry lyn.pardon all my mistakes! i'm new on the computer.first week-still learning.i 'm searching for my b-sis. b-dad ,too,if poss. .my b-mom had affair with married man for years. he resided in georgia with his wife & kids.b-mom stayed in Malden-Melrose area of girl born 7/62[poss.7/14/62] in MA. taken to georgia for adopt.poss.that b-dad knows couple who adopted this girl. he & his wife [not b-mom]may have even adopted her.b-mom's name -Joan.maiden name-Faria.marriedlast name-Garcia.i was born after this girl .also put into adoption. my b-dad not aware i exist. b-sis may not know either. we have older half brother-derek garcia residing in hawaii. i have no contact with him,unfortunately.i'd desperately like to find my b-sis & dad.any suggestions??s ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Born 3/10/1967 in Dallas, TX. Female adoptee ISO Birthfamily. Birthmother & father possibly lived in Wisconsin. Birthmother staying with family in Dallas at the time. Adoption handled by Buckner Agency in Dallas. I was named THERESA MURPHY by my adoptive parents. I believe my birthmother's name is Elizabeth and my birthfather's name is Richard. I am currently putting in a request to open my sealed records so I can get further information. Thanks for any help! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am in search of my biological mother. I was born on 5/24/1965, in Floyd County, New Albany, Indiana. My birth name was Naomi "Jeannie" Windell. My biological father's name was Gilbert and my mother's name was Zadie Windell. I know my father is deceased, but I am pretty sure my mother is still living. I also have two brothers, Randy and Robert, they both still live in Indiana. Any information would be great. Thanks, Sara ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Contact: Baby Girl Johnson, born 9/11/65, at Prince Georges Hospital, Cheverly, Maryland, at 4:26 p.m. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Contact: I was born on 5/24/65 in Floyd County, New Albany, Indiana, to Gilbert Windell and Zadie (not sure of her last name). My birth name was Naomi "Jeannie" Windell. I know that my biological father is deceased, but I am pretty sure that my mother is still alive. I have found one of my biological siblings (Randy Albertson), not such a wonderful reunion. I have another brother by the name of Robert Windell, he lives in Edinburg, IN, but I have never met him. If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it being forwarded onto me. Thanks, Sara ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am looking for the three children of a friend of mine. They are Martha Janelle Long, born in the mid-1950's; Melody Denise Bullington and Scotty Bullington, both born in the early to mid-1960's. These were their names at birth. They were born in the metro Atlanta, Georgia, area. Scotty was 6 months old when adopted. All were adopted by the same person--a Methodist minister. He could have been a part-time minister. The adoption took place in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia, around 1964 or 1965. Birth mother gave them up for adoption out of extreme hardship and to give them a better life. Birth mother has very poor health--in and out of the hospital with chronic heart failure. Also recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I am not the birth mother but a friend of hers. My e-mail address is Thank you, Ethel L. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Born: Feb 14, 1968 at 5:47 PM at Beloit Memorial Hospital Height/Weight: 19 1/2 inches, Six lbs 15 oz. Doctor: Dr Walter Scholten Baptized Catholic, adoption handled by Catholic Social Services thru cooperation of the Beloit/Madison agencies Adoption finalized in Dane County Birthmother info: 25 years old in 1968, Catholic, and of English/Irish/German descent. She was described as having dark brown hair, blue eyes, fair complexion. She was 5'2, normally 107 lbs, completed 4 years of high school, was employed as a factory worker. In 1968, her parents were in their mid-50's, both employed and resided in a "small urban community." Bfather info: He was 28, Protestant, Norwegian He was described as being 6'0, 194, brown hair, blue eyes, ruddy complexion. In 1968, his father was deceased, his mother had completed high school and was employed as a laboratory assistant. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (FOUND) Senders email: Searching for my Birth sister, Born(1-7-1960) in Alameda,County,CA She was Adopted shortly After Birth,Due to circumstances out of my mothers controll,which I have Also Lost contact of her(our mother) it's been 33 years since I"v seen her,Our Mothers name Is Audrey mae Minchin(maiden name)D.O..B is(11-18-1935)San Francisco, County,CA. I was told My Adopted sisters name at Birth was Terri Lynn Bailey,Don't Know for sure if that is what was on her Birthcertifact? Thank you so much if you have any Info. for my search for my Adopted sister or Mother.Thank you Joan Riedel(Bailey)Maiden name. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: My name is Mettie Michaele Long I was Born May 8th 1962. I was born Mettie Michaele Flippin in Amarillo,Texas at Northwest Texas Hospital. Looking for birth mother,father & sibilings if I have any.I am a female and I have been trying to them for a long time and ahving no luck. I hope thru you I can maybe close this hole in my chest and find them also for my daughters. I have two and they would love to their family history as would I . Thank you Mettieme Looking ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ email: Birthmother searching for Robert Charles B.DOB Oct.24 1969. Born Peterborough Ontario Canada. You are missed everyday and loved dearly by another family. If this sounds familiar to you please reply. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: We are looking for my husbands Birth sibling, born November 9th 1967 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Possibly Broward General but not for sure. He was placed in a state agency at birth he was sick at birth not sure what sickness. He was adopted out we think within a couple months, the adoption took place in Ft. Lauderdale, Broward COunty. If this looks familiar to anyone please email me back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: I am an adoptee looking for my bfather. He was born in Ontario in 1945. He was 20 years old at the time of my birth. I was born in Lamton County Hospital in Sarnia Ontario June 27th 1966. He was never married to my bmom but my last name at birth was Wesley which I believe to be my bmom's last name. If your out there dad I would love to get to know you. I have no regrets just the emptiness to meet my real dad. Met bmom and she declined in meeting me. My bfather may have another child (son) he does not know about. I have reunited with him. Signed: missing my daddy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am a birthmother, Leonda Dotson Mann, looking for my birth son born March 7, 1961 in San Francisco, CA at St. Elizabeth's Infant Hospital.  His name at birth was William Robert McDaniel, the birthfather is Robert Vernon McDaniel. I have just gotten information that his adoptive parents were Ward and Rieta in Nevada on March 25, 1961. If anyone has information regarding this child or his whereabouts, I would be forever grateful. My email address is: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Senders email: I'm an adoptee searching for my birthfather. His name is Alan Epstein. He is between the ages of 72 and 77 years of age. My birthmother met him in Philadelphia in 1961-1962. That is where and when I was conceived. I was born in Waterbury, CT and my adoption was finalized in NJ. It was a private adoption. I have been searching on and off for him for 9 years. I have been reunited with my birthmother for 12 years. My birthmother and I have a good relationship. I have since reunited with my half sister. The information I do have about my birthfather is minimal, but I do have a listing of ALL the Alan Epstein's born in his age group. I have written letters and made phone calls, but to no avail. I am searching in the Philadelphia area for more information about him. I realize his name is somewhat common and that he is Jewish. I have contacted several synagogues in the Philly area, but none has had him as a member. I've also had help from other group sources/searchers. I would welcome any and all help! I know I am close to finding him and perhaps the support from this group will help me. Thanks, Marla ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Senders email: I have been looking for my son for so many years, I've lost count. He was born...5/15/1966 in Savannah, Ga. I was staying at the Florence Crittenton Home. His name at birth was Charles Eugene. My name at the time was Elizabeth S. Kelly. His fathers name was Charles Horton. I was 17 and not married at the time. I would love to know that he has had a good life. I've never been able to fill the hole in my heart giving him up left in me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: baby girl "english" born 12/22/1966, 11:33 am in Bremerton Wa,Harrison Memorial hospital, adopted by military couple from tacoma wa,Gene and Gisela Seward. any info appreciated, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Baby Girl 12/11/1970 Female Adoptee looking for BM AND BD  and any Bfamily. Born 12/11/1970 in St. Louis, MO.  Adopted through Catholic Charities of St. Louis.  Bm was not married to Bd.  Bd was a truckdriver.  Adoption finalized in Jan. 1971 through St. Louis County Courts by Judge Noah Weinstein.  That?s all I have.  Please email me at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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