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I reformated the Skate Page. Its going to be alot asier to use, well its still in its begingin phase so there are only 3 riders and a miscelanious page. Il be working on it. Just check back.


Many little miscelanious updates here and there, hey im omost hitting the 1000 hit mark!!! Oh yeah and I reinstated the Frozen Time poll, i found it deep in the depths of my site, so even if you dont have a favorite skate company, vote anyway.


Yay, another update, I added an AwayMessage game, that can be played occasionally on my screen name, NaterFlipSkater, and the records will be posted on the site, God luck.


More updates! Ok i made a comprehensive update and changed the section labeled "Dans Accedent" to "good times". Good Times are some stories of some fun adventures and experiances I and my friends have been through.


OK OK. I really am not updating regularly and should be, but oh well. I mad a new extention of my site. It consists of my friends and whatnot. If your not on the list then email me.


Hey everyone, i havent updated in a while. Im lazy and dont feel like doing anything, but i decided to maybe ad some stuff today. Right now im in school on one of there comps so i cant do to much. Well keep checking the page out because some new stuff might be going up, like a new setup on the skatespot.


Ahh the fresh smell of a new avi. If you haven't already guessed I made a new avi and you can find it in the movies section. It is an avi that is probily going to be more apreciated by the people who know steve, or know of steves condition. Well, enjoy.


Today I reached deep into my soal and brought you three new poems. Well I might have over exadurated a little but hey, I made three new poems and you can find them in the POETRY section. I'll be thinking regulary of new poems and rember don't be shy. Send me your poems!


I now have a stronge foot-hold and nolonger need to continue with recontruction, but now can focus on adding new ideas. One new idea that I just added was a poetry section that will incled many of me and my friends work. The first peom was one that I wrote around eleven o' clock at night when it was due for school the next day. Well, go check it out.


Phase Two of reconstruction. I have added some new tables and my site is now starting to somewhat take shape. I will be fooling around with the format so its likely that by monday it will be different.


This is my first update after the reconstruction process. Me, the stupid person that I am, accidently erased my homepage. So you can expect a brand new look!