Look At the Bible Names and Meannings

Tells the Story in the BIBLE

The name means man. As the first man, that seems straight forward enough.
Adam's son was named Seth, which means appointed. Eve said, "For YHWH hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew."
Seth's son was called Enosh, which means mortal, frail, or miserable. It is from the root anash, to be incurable, used of a wound, grief, woe, sickness, or wickedness. It was in the days of Enosh that men began to defile the name of the Living YHWH.
Enosh's son was named Kenan, which can mean sorrow, dirge, or elegy. (The precise denotation is somewhat elusive; some study aids unfortunately presume that Kenan is synonymous with Cainan.) Balaam, looking down from the heights of Moab, uses a pun upon the name of the Kenites when he prophesies their destruction. We have no real idea as to why these names were chosen for their children. Often they may have referred to circumstances at birth, and so on.
Kenan's son was Mahalalel, from Mahalal which means blessed or praise; and El, the name for YHWH. Thus, Mahalalel means the Blessed YHWH. Often Hebrew names include El, the name of YHWH, as Dan-i-el, "YHWH is my Judge", etc.
Mahalalel's son was named Jared, from the verb yaradh, meaning shall come down.
Jared's son was named Enoch, which means teaching, or commencement. He was the first of four generations of preachers. In fact, the earliest recorded prophecy was by Enoch, which amazingly enough deals with the Second Coming of the Messiah (although it is quoted in the Book of Jude in the New Covenant Scriptures): Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, "Behold, the YHWH cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against."
Jude 14, 15
Enoch was the father of Methuselah, who we have already mentioned. Enoch walked with YHWH after he begat Methuselah. Apparently, Enoch received the prophecy of the Great Flood, and was told that as long as his son was alive, the judgment of the flood would be withheld. The year that Methuselah died, the flood came. Enoch, of course, never died: he was translated  (or, if you'll excuse the expression, raptured ). That's how Methuselah can be the oldest man in the Bible, yet he died before his father!
Methuselah's son was named Lamech, a root still evident today in our own English word, lament or lamentation. Lamech suggests despairing. (This name is also linked to the Lamech in Cain's line who inadvertently killed his son Tubal-Cain in a hunting incident. Noah Lamech, of course, is the father of Noah, which is derived from nacham, to bring relief or comfort, as Lamech himself explains in Genesis 5:29.

The Composite List Now let's put it all together:
     Hebrew           English

     Adam             Man

     Seth             Appointed

     Enosh            Mortal

     Kenan            Sorrow;

     Mahalalel        The Blessed YHWH

     Jared            Shall come down

     Enoch            Teaching

     Methuselah       His death shall bring

     Lamech           The Despairing

     Noah             Rest, or comfort.

That's rather remarkable:
Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed YHWH shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest. Here's the Gospel hidden within a genealogy in Genesis!

Here is MORE

In fact, Rachel and Leah made prophetic statements for all 12 of Jacob's sons. Here are the names of the tribes that make up the 144,000 (in the order listed in Revelation chapter 7), together with the meaning of each name:

1. Judah   =   "I will praise the YHWH"
2. Reuben    =   "He has looked on me"
3. Gad   =   "Granted good fortune"
4. Asher   =   "Happy am I"
5. Naphtali   =   "My wrestling"
6. Manasseh   =   "Making me to forget"
7. Simeon   =   "YHWH hears me"
8. Levi   =   "Joined to me"
9. Issachar   =   "Purchased Me"
10. Zebulun   =   "Dwelling"
11. Joseph   =   "YHWH will add to me"
12. Benjamin   =   "Son of His right hand"
Now notice what happens when the meaning of the names are combined, in the same order, into a paragraph:

I will praise the YHWH He has looked on me Granted good fortune Happy am I My wrestling Making me to forget YHWH hears me Joined to me Purchased Me Dwelling YHWH will add to me Son of His right hand.



Hebrew        Pronunciation       Letters   

אמת '         emet           TMA


If you remove the A א from the word EMET you will have the Hebrew word METTM which means Death

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of YAHUWAH is eternal life through  Yahushua the Messiah our Master.

Sin = Breaking Torah Commandments (Missing the Mark)

Death = Not obeying the Commandments




A  א   Is the first “IS” letter in the Hebrew  Alphabet  In Paleo Hebrew looked like an OX and it means the strengths of YAHUWAH

 מ   Is the middle “WAS” letter of the Hebrew  Alphabet It means Secret or Reveal also chaotic Water or Womb

  ת  Is the last “he Will Be” letter in the Hebrew Alphabet It means a Sign, Covenant and look like an X or Cross, It means Mark

Rev 1:8  I am ALEF and TAU, the beginning and the ending, saith the YaHuWaH, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.



M = 40

T= 400

The Hidden message is that YAH truth His strength will be tested and will bring the sign of the Covenant. The 144 = Truth

Notice the word truth has an extra letter besides the ALEF and TAU theBeginning and End. 

Hebrew is a root alphabet, this is why so important to do word search to study the word in scriptures. In the first sentence of scriptures you find ALEF and TAU in the middle of the sentence, but when translated to English they never put it there. 

HalleluYAH this means to Followed YAHUWAH.