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Fuck the West Coast...this is the...

Welcome to the W.V. Punx Page.

This page is dedicated to local punk rock, it has local bands, band interviews, show reviews, and columns by locals....anyone that is in a band, that is into punk or has anything to do with punk rock can write a column for my page, Well thats about it for now. enjoy and keep it real...... David P.S. Mullen

If you are having trouble remembering the rules of punk then click HERE

I have been getting lazy again but oh well, I have been having problems with those pesky ravers, seems as though they are going around calling us skinheads and starting trouble, maybe I need to make peace and send them a box of glowsticks? I havent got anything to do besides a new song of the week, Im not even going to say anything about the pictures, My friends are

***Song of the week:"I'll Rise Up"by The Ducky Boys***

If there are any problems with this site, please e-mail me and let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible...thank you
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