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World Wide Wolf Population

There are about nine to ten thousand wolves in the US and fifty to sixty thousand in Canada; it is questionable whether any exist in Mexico. Now, that number may sound alot at first, but once you discover how few wolves are in each area, I would hope that you will be shocked and saddened enough to want to help keep these incredible wolves from becoming exctinct. In the US,the largest popultion of wolves is in Alaska. Throughout the lower 48 states, with the exception of Minnesota, the wolf is classified as ENDANGERED. Minnesota is home of twelve hundred to two thousand wolves. There, they are classified as THREATENED.

United States


Population Estimate: 5,000 - 8,000
Status Report: Wolves are hunted and trapped in season as big game and fur bearers and through government-sponsored management programs
Prey Species: Moose, caribou, sheep, deer, beaver, goat


Population Estimate: 15
Status Report:Endangered
Prey Species: Deer, elk


Population Estimate: 57 on Upper Peninsula Mainland; 17 on Isle Royale Nationale Park
Status Report: Endangered, but increasing populations
Prey Species: Moose, white-tailed deer, beaver, snowshoe hare


Population Estimate: 1,200 to 2,000
Status Report: Threatened; protected species
Prey Species: White tailed-deer, moose, beaver, snowshoe hare


Population Estimate: 65
Status Report: Endangered, but increasing in population
Prey Species: Deer, elk

North Carolina

Population Estimate: 50 ( red wolves)
Status Report: Experimental nonessential reintroduction status
Prey Species: White-tailed deer, raccoon, nutria


Population Estimate: 6 (red wolves)
Status Report: Experimental nonessential reintroduction status in Great Smokey Mts. National Park
Prey Species: White-tailed deer, raccoon


Population Estimate: Uncertain; possibly 5 or fewer
Status Report: Endangered
Prey Species: Deer, elk


Population Estimate: 50 to 57
Status Report: Endangered, but increasing population
Prey Species: Deer, beaver, snowshoe hare


Population Estimate: 14 reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park
Status Report: Endangered, experimental nonessential reintroduction status
Prey Species: Deer, elk


Population Estimate: Uncertain; possibly extinct; if small populations exist,likely less than 10 animals as lone wolves and/or pairs
Status Report: Granted full protection but unenforced-population decline because of persecution and habitat destruction; draft Environmental Impact Statement provided for public review and comment on potential reindroduction plan to proposed sites in the United States
Prey Species: Mostly livestock

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