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Here is a list of sites to help with building your Web Page....Good Luck!

Infinite Loop (NEW)
Web Page Tools (Draac's)
WebTv's Secret File
Phil's WebTV Links Page#2
Ultimate Resorces
The Free Site
Daves WebTV Tips
Welcome To WebTL
MethodMan6's New Tricks
HTML for WebTV E-Mail

Here are some sites for Midi's,Gif's,IRC chat boards,ETC! Enjoy!

Draac's Free Gifs 123
Gifs Wavs and Wallpaper
Capricorn OO7
ZooMajic Real Audio
The Classical Gothic Music List
Real Audio WebRing
Angel's Castle of Gifs
Dakota's Cool Links
Lasher7 Gifs Index
RichieRich's WebTv Links
Gothic Nights Graphics, IRC chat boards and Audio (NEW)
F Key Saver
Bud's WebTV Page
Dave's Midi's
Dr Fun's Animated Gifs
Joe's Misc. Gallery
Linkable Graphics
MiMeR's Web-TV Home
Tommie's WebTV Links
Free Webtv Linkable Gif Site
Ny-Naturegals Place

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