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John Cougar Melencamp-Hurts So GoodNew
John Cougar Melencamp-Cherry BombNew
John Cougar Melencamp-Paper In FireNew

Metallica-Enter Sandman
Metallica-Sad But True
Metallica-Holier Than Thou
Metallica-The Unforgiven
Metallica-Wherever I May Roam
Metallica-Don't Tread On Me
Metallica-Through The Never
Metallica-Nothing Else Matters
Metallica-Of Wolf And Man
Metallica-The God That Failed
Metallica-My Friend Of Misery
Metallica-The Struggle Within
Metallica-Free Speech For The Dumb
Metallica-It's Electric
Metallica-Sabra Cadabra
Metallica-Turn The Page
Metallica-Die,Die My Darling
Metallica-Mercyful Fate
Metallica-Astronomy< /font>
Metallica-Whiskey In The Jar
Metallica-Tuesday's Gone
Metallica-The More I See
Metallica-The Small Hours
Metallica-The Wait
Metallica-Crash Course In Brain Surgery
Metallica-Last Caress~Green Hell
Metallica-Am I Evil
Metallica-The Prince
Metallica-Stone Cold Crazy
Metallica-So What
Metallica-Fuel Live
Metallica-King Nothing Live
Metallica-Hero Of The Day

Alanis Morissette-Head Over Feet
Alanis Morissette-Ironic
Alanis Morissette-You Ought To Know

Motley Crue-Afraid
Motley Crue-Bitter Pill
Motley Crue-Don't Go Away Mad(Just Go Away)
Motley Crue-DR. Feelgood
Motley Crue-Enslaved
Motley Crue-Girls-Girls-Girls
Motley Crue-Glitter
Motley Crue-Home Sweet Home
Motley Crue-Kick Start My Heart
Motley Crue-Looks That Kill
Motley Crue-Same Ole Situation
Motley Crue-Smoking In The Boys Room
Motley Crue-Too Fast For Love
Motley Crue-Wild Side
Motley Crue-Without You

Nelson-Love And Affection

Juice Newton-Angel Of The Morning

Stevie Nicks-Leather and Lace
Stevie Nicks-Stop Dragging My Heart Around
Stevie Nicks-I Can't Wait
Stevie Nicks-Love's A Hard Game To Play
Stevie Nicks-Sometimes It's A Bitch
Stevie Nicks-Stand Back
Stevie Nicks-Talk To Me
Stevie Nicks-Edge Of Seventeen

Night Ranger-Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Night Ranger-Eddie's Commin' Out Tonight
Night Ranger-Four In The Morning
Night Ranger-Goodbye
Night Ranger-Restless Kind
Night Ranger-(You Can Still)Rock In America
Night Ranger-Rumours In The Air
Night Ranger-The Secret Of My Success
Night Ranger-Sentimental Street
Night Ranger-Sing Me Away
Night Ranger-Sister Christian
Night Ranger-When You Close Your Eyes

Nirvana-Come As You Are
Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit

OMD-If You Leave

Roy Orbison-Oh Pretty Woman

(Ozzy out of order,sorry,working on it)

Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy Train
Ozzy Osbourne-Dee
Ozzy Osbourne-Goodbye To Romance
Ozzy Osbourne-I Don't Know
Ozzy Osburne-Mr Crowley
Ozzy Osbourne-Revelation(Mother Earth)
Ozzy Osbourne-Steal Away(The Night)
Ozzy Osbourne-Suicide Solution

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