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Whitewolf 666's

zzFree Beer and Money... now that I got your attention, Welcome to my little cornor of the cyber world. this is the all new version, something to do as I sat at home and keep me sane. The idea that this page started with has been thrown out the window, and landed on a little old lady. This wolf is here to do what she likes and don't care who I make mad. So if you feel mad, pissed off, sick, sad, ect. after reading or during the reading of this page....just don't read it. I mean its not like by putting up this page you have to read it. So, enter at your own risk. Please don't track mud in or touch the china.

Your the to wonder on to my lands.
Wolves and mammals  - well this page has info on wolves and pictures of just plain cute mammals
W whitewolf 666  - This is also the name of my Yahoo RPG charactor. This is a profile for that charactor.
Werewolves  - I believe in werewolf and believe myself one of them. This is info and some theorys on werecreatures. 
Well now that we got through some of the stuff I like to put on the page. Hell maybe some one will learn a thing or two.... no most likely everyone looked at the pictures and moved on. Now we come to the section that most people come here to visit... meaning my friends. It is the section that is Me.


           Things that are me.
Pictures - What else these are pictures of my
& friends and me.

Artwork  - These are some pictures that I or my
                         Friends have drawn. Also if it was asked
                         to be placed here, it will be.

Stories and poems  - Ok so I do have a bloody soft
                                              side so get off my back about it
                                               Once again stories and poems
                                               done by my friends and I.
Jack in the Box, this is a comic strip I started to draw. Check it out. K-9 gave me the idea of this picture.


TV shows
This is a little place where I show you some of the shows that make me who I am. 
The Simpsons - Who doesn't know what the simpsons are? They are the one show that I watch no matter what. 

Xena - it is a great show, that and at the perfect time. I mean at 10:30 on a sunday what else are you going to do or watch?

Drew Carey - You got to love a show that talks about work, beer, fat people, and stupid people. Hell I think I only like it because I fit in so well. 

South Park - the new simpsons? No way but they are funny time to time. and they make me look smart. 

The Critic - Though it is hard to find the show it is funny. Not much more about it. 

Page created 9/9/99

Page updated  2/20/00

Links and creidits - you can't forget those that got you where you are to day. That and I know
&;     of some killer pages.

&; Music is "Magical Mystery Tour",from the Beatles Home Page

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