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UPDATED September 25th, 2002

Attention TPlayer users! A new set of 3 broadcast skins are available for download on the mixers page. Zipped file is only 111kb. A MUST HAVE for anyone using TPlayer for professional use!
Download it on the Mixers Page!
Shown with broadcast wallpaper!

Click here to see the pics
You gotta see these great pictures of Stereo 105 Digital and all MP3. Click HERE to see the station ON THE AIR! MP3 is HERE TO STAY!


 Xautomation Demo has been evaluated!
Keep in mind...we evaluated the DEMO version. From what we can tell it blows the doors off Raduga, Otsjuke and MixMeister for Broadcasting use...but could not give it exact rating on a demo. Details on the MIXERS page! Also we are in the process of evaluating another MP3 mixer that seems very promising! Details coming out as soon as complete evaluation done.
Another FANTASTIC MP3 mixer/cart player has been evaluated! Sonicart comes with all the programming modules you need to sound PROFESSIONAL! It's also FREEWARE and one of the best programs I've evaluated yet. It is a DEFINITE MUST HAVE to add to your collection. Perfect for LIVE ON AIR USE, dj'ing, etc. READ ALL ABOUT IT on the mixers page!

Go to the MIXERS page and cast your vote for your favorite MP3 DJ Mixer. The first 100 votes are in! See the actual unbiased results BY CLICKING HERE! See which MP3 mixer came in FIRST PLACE!!!!
We are done evaluating broadcast MP3 mixers until something better comes out. At this point, no other mixer comes close to the ones on the mixers page with a high rating. Mixers that have a fixed mix time for going into next selection will not be evaluated in the future since all songs are not created equal. Currently there are only three that we are aware of that DO NOT HAVE a fixed mix time. They are...MixMeister 3.1, MP3Tunes version 1.7.5 and TPlayer. All are available for download on the mixers page.

We have just evaluated MixMeister 3.1 and have given it our second mixer with a rating of 10. It mixes your MP3 tracks very professionally and without a flaw. It also will let you WEBCAST (broadcast on the internet). Although MixMeister 3.1 is SHAREWARE it is well worth the money if you're looking for a TOP QUALITY broadcast or DJ mixer. More interesting facts about MixMeister 3.1 . It makes no difference if some of your files are 40kbps in Mono or 128kbps in Stereo...Mixmeister mixes them all with the utmost perfection. MixMeister also has another unique feature not found on ANY OTHER MP3 Mixer. The ability to overlay tracks. In other words...lets assume you are using MixMeister for professional broadcasting.... the next song has a 20 second instrumental beginning and lets assume you have a 15 second weather report. You can start the song, 5 seconds later start the weather with an overlay....and when the weather ends, the vocal starts on the song. Makes the station sound "LIVE", not one song after another after another. You can do the same thing with station IDs, etc. You can also add Volume markers to slightly drop the volume of the song while the weather or ID is mixing into the song, then bring it back to 100% after the vocal is finished. With a little practice, MixMeister can make your station operate hour after hour with that "LIVE" sound. You can program an entire 12 hour air shift, with jingles, commercials, IDs at the top of the hour, etc. in less than 10 minutes. The TIMELINE will show you EXACTLY when each song, jingle or commercial will start. For the price, MixMeister 3.1 is a definite choice for professional DJ'ing or broadcasting.
The NEW BROADCAST VERSION of MP3Tunes is out. I have given it our FIRST #10 plus rating. Latest version has a varible fixed segue mixing that makes in perfect for DJ and Broadcasting use. To keep your segue settings, you need to save playlist as a (NPL) file. Version 1.7.5 works SUPER!!!! Congratulations to DJ Maze for the fine FREEWARE DJ and Broadcast mixer you have made. I suggest you download a copy now and check it out. Don't forget to go back to the MP3Tunes website and cast your vote!!!! This super FREEWARE now has RED TIMER LED's that flash when song gets down to 30 seconds or below to indicate song is about to end. This new version is a definite MUST HAVE!!!!!!
Another NEW MIXER has been recently introduced. It has been named TPLAYER (I suppose because of its shape). It is FREEWARE and has been evaluated. Details are posted on the mixers page. NOTICE... you can download the latest version by clicking on the THUMBS UP ICON on the mixers page.

Not even worth linking to
The following mixers were evaluated and ALL received a THUMBS DOWN. None are worth listing on the MIXERS PAGE. They are...DSS DJ, DECKS, Atomix, MP Mix Pro, Spuntrix 1 and MP3000f. Don't waste your time downloading any of these mixers. Try one with a THUMBS UP on the mixers page. 

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