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Have just evaluated MixMeister PRO and have hacked and renamed it ProMix2D. Mixes MP3 tracks very professionally and without a flaw. If you'd like the 2D version, simply email me for full instructions. THIS IS THE ONLY broadcast mixer you will ever need. It accepts DIRECT X plugins and 2 paid for versions of compressors and limiters ARE INCLUDED!
Also download the cracked version of WindowWasher and winrar. Window Washer cleans the junk and crap out of your computer in a few seconds. Neat hacked program. Winrar is silmilar to WinZip only makes SMALLER files. A must have download if you find something on the net thats zipped with rar. Cracked version!!!
Working on a hacked version of the TPLAYER. This version is much better than the version you can download on the MP3 mixers page. This version can not be accidently shut off while its mixing. Plus does not have the spinning logos. It will be on the download page as soon as I figure out how to make the left and right areas on the bottom black.

ProMix 4.0 5/15/02 UPDATE!!!!
 New version was completed but flaws found in it. New version 4.1 now available has a HELP FILE with instructions. This mixer works very well with broadcasting. Mixes similiar to ProMix2C, Promix Original and OtsJuke. Super FAST Download (only 283kb) makes this a MUST HAVE plus requires NO OTHER dll's or other files. INSTRUCTIONS can be deleted after you get the hang of it. Version 4.0 is no longer available for download. Please download the latest version at level 2 which is ProMix4.1 .

Have reports of Standard ProMix skipping after one hour. Have just checked it out. No skipping after 2 hours. Working fine. New version of Promix will be released as soon as all the bugs are worked out. In the meantime, Standard Promix is working fine and without any flaws.

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