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MP3 is HERE for a LONG TIME!

MP3 Digital Radio is here to stay!

Left side of main studio
Here is Stereo 105's new computerized MP3 system. A Compaq laptop computer is the heart of the station, with 2 Technic CD players for backup, one cassette player/recorder, a NADY SCM950 Condenser Microphone, Audio Technica Phantom Power Supply and mixed with a Yamaha MJ-100 12 input stereo mixer which runs into a Behringer MDX-1400 Compresser, Limiter. The gigantic GATES Diplomat Console is no longer used, but kept for back-up and production.

Right side of main studio
Heres a picture of our obsolete 30,000+ 45rpm record collection and a few of our CD's (which also are almost obsolete)! To the left of the old dependable QRK turntables and Shure M-232 Arms, is the TEAC reel-to-reel, which is also sitting collecting dust. Still works...but with a computer and MP3, who needs all this extra stuff! By the way...the headphones on the lower left are Fostex phones which are used for monitoring the FM signal off the FM monitor.

Your weather comes from here!
This is our production studio where we transfer CD's, cassettes, voice, reel-to-reel and 45 and 33 rpm records. We also do production here, news, weather and jingles to our master computer with Creative Wave Studio and Acoustica. Equipment used here is an MCA Condenser Microphone powered with an Audio Technica Phantom supply, an MCS 6202 Turntable, Gemini PMX-200 Audio Mixer, JVC XL-V250 CD player, a Harmon Kardon hk2500 cassette deck, a Nakamichi BX-1 2 head cassette deck, an AMPEX AG-600 reel-to-reel recorder, Sony MDR-CD60 Phones and a Sony Supressa CDRW unit.

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2002 Mystic Pines - Petroleum, West Virginia

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