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Men of the 13th North Carolina Infantry

Thousands of men servied in the 13th North Carolina. Here is the story of a few of them as supplied by their ancestors.

The following information was provided by Richard L. "Dick" Reed of the Civil War Roundtable of Lakewood, Colorado.
My great-grandfather, Private John E. Winchester, served for the duration of the war as a teen-aged soldier in both the 21st NC and the 13th NC. His brother, 1st Lt. William H. Winchester, had him transferred from Company L, 21st NC to Company I, 13th NC just prior to Chancellorsville in1863. Lt. Winchester was then in command of Company I until he was mortally wounded on Cemetery Ridge during the famous third day charge at Gettysburg. He subsequently died of wound infection as a prisoner in the Union Army Hospital at Chester, PA. Lt. Winchester is listed among the Confederate dead at Gettysburg.

Private John E. Winchester survived Gettysburg and many other major Eastern Theater battles of the war, although he was twice wounded; once at Farmville, VA and, again, at the Battle of the Wilderness. He was captured by Union troops at Sutherland's Station, VA on April 2, 1865 and sent to Hart's Island, NY where he was held until he signed an oath of allegiance (to the U.S.) and was released June 18, 1865.

The first cousin of the Winchester brothers, Captain Roland S. Williams, was in command of Company I when the 13th NC was surrendered at Appomattox along with the other tattered remnants of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. Captain Williams subsequently wrote an excellent history of the 13th NC that was published in the famous "Clark's Regiments" with which you are no doubt familiar. In his account, he refers several times (in particular on Page 672) to the aforementioned 1st Lt. William H. Winchester.

On Page 233 of his book published this year, "Gettysburg: Day Three," writer Jeffry D. Wert describes the wounding of Lt. Winchester on Cemetery Ridge.

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