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The Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley

A friendly officer


Battles in and Around the Valley

1861 Campaign for Western Virginia

Self-Guided Tour to the Cedar Creek Battlefield

Self-Guided Tour to the New Market Battlefield

General Lee's 1862 Maryland Campaign

Slave Auction Block in Luray

Shenandoah Valley Civil War Era Cemeteries

Confederate Graves in the Massanutten Cemetery, Woodstock, VA

Our Soldiers Confederate Cemetery in Mount Jackson

Monument in Old Soldiers Cemetery Mount Jackson, Virginia
Old photo of the monument in Our Soldiers Confederate Cemetery in Mount Jackson, VA

Southern Men and Women in the Valley

Hearts at Home-Southern Women during the War

Confederate Generals in the Valley

The Confederate Army in the Shenandoah Valley, units, roster, and unit histories


Letters, Diaries, and Memoirs from the Valley

Confederate Letters from the Shenandoah Valley

Letters and Diaries of Federal Soldiers in the Valley


Northern Men and Women in the Valley

Federal Cavalry and Artillery Units in the Shenandoah Valley
Federal Infantry Units that Fought in the Valley

Valley Historical Links

People and Places in the Shenandoah Valley

Revised Army Regulations 1861

Please Visit the Mt. Jackson

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CCC Legacy Foundation

The War Between the States in the Shenandoah Valley
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Bogata at Port Republic battlefield
Bogata on the Port Republic Battlefield

The Valley of Virginia was the scene of four long years of fighting and dying. Five military campaigns and more than 1000 battles, actions, and skirmishes took place in the area. Famous battles include the three battles of Winchester, Cedar Creek, and New Market. Two major campaigns of national interest took place in this beautiful location.

Please take time to check out Jackson's Valley Campaign which includes the battles at McDowell, Front Royal, First Winchester, and the twin battles of Cross Keys and Port Republic. Equally important is Sheridan's 1864 campaign involving major battles of Third Winchester, Fishers Hill, Toms Brook, and Cedar Creek.

This is the land of Stonewall Jackson, Richard Ewell, Jubal Early, General Breckinridge, Turner Ashby. It is also the battlefields of Federal Generals such as General Phil Sheridan, George Custer, and "Commissary Banks".

Col Preston ChewCol Sandie PendletonGeneral James Shields

Unlike most of the rest of the South, the Valley suffered constantly from raids, skirmishes, occupation and reoccupation by both sides. As a result the people of the Valley lived in constant fear. These pages are dedicated to those people and this beautiful land called the "Daughter of Stars". On the following pages you will find information as well as more than 500 links to pages directly related to the Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley. There are more than 100 links to infantry, cavalry, and artillery units of both sides in the conflict. Check out the Confederate units and Federal Units that Fought in the Shenandoah Valley.

The Valley is filled with historic homes, farms, fords, streams, and Civil War camp sites. To the right is a picture of a tablet on a monument at Rudes Hill at the site of a camping ground used by both sides throughout the war.


Rudes Hill Monument

Here you can walk where "Stonewall" Jackson walked such as the Pittman home at Red Banks were Jackson made his headquarters for a time.  This was also the site of Camp Buchannan.

Here you can visit the site when the "Gallant Ashby" died in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This monument is located where Ashby was shot on June 6, 1862. Site is now owned by the ladies of the UDC.
Here you can see first-hand the evidence of Sheridan's "Burning" in 1864. th thr right is a photo of the Edinburg Mill which was set afire by Sheridan's troops but subsequently extinguished by an appeal to General Sheridan from two ladies of Edinburg.

But the key to connecting with the war is the battlefield themselves. Most of the battlefields look much as they were at the time of the Civil War. Visit them, preserve them, don't let them disappear.

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