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Confederate Graves at Massanutten Cemetery

This pages is dedicated to all the Confederates Soldiers, both identified and
unidentified who lie in the furtile ground of Shenandoah County.

The names and units of the Confederate soldiers buried in Holly Circle are listed below:

Akridge, Robert M, Co D, 18th MISS INF Company D- Hamer Rifles (Yazoo City, MS, April 19, 1861) The 18th Mississippi was assigned to Humphrey’s’ Brigade, Kershaw’s division during the 64 Valley campaign.

Austin, William Cornelius, 2nd Lieutenant Co. E, 18th VA CAV Enlisted on 4/28/61 at Cumberland County, VA as a Corporal. On 4/28/61 he mustered into "E" Co. VA 18th Infantry. He died of wounds on 7/3/63 at Gettysburg, PA. Apparently he did not die at Gettysburg but was moved south and died at or near Woodstock. He was listed as: Wounded 7/3/63 Gettysburg, PA (Left knee & foot) Promotions: 1st SGT 12/1/62; 2nd LT 3/25/63. Sources: The Virginia Regimental Histories Series

Best, William H., Company H, 18th NC Infantry: Residence: Columbus County NC; a 26 year-old Farmer. Enlisted on 4/23/61 at Columbus County as a Sergeant. On 4/23/61 he mustered into "H" Co. 18th NC INF He died on 11/10/62 at Woodstock, VA. Promotions: * Private 10/30/62 (Reduced to ranks)

Bird, Stephen T., Co e, 36th VA Infantry Bird enlisting in Co. E. on April 17th 1862 in Lewisburg, VA. He was present until missing May 19, 1863 Listed as under arrest in December 1863 was wounded and presumed captured Oct. 19, 1864 at the Battle of Cedar Creek. Apparently he was placed under arrest following his missing or Desertion from his company (Apr 17,1862). He was placed under arrest. He has a record of appearing for a General Court Marshall #45 for the Dept of WV on Oct 24,63. Was reviewed and remitted back into the ranks, under Special Order #94/22 on April 22,1864. (According to the Adjutant General reports), and received clothing in May 1864. Many men were missing on that date, since nothing was happening with the regiment in 1863, and he was a days ride from home, he left for home possibly, like many others to take care of their farms and families, but returned with the rest, when they were moving out. The regiment was camp at Dublins Depot, and the "Narrows", in Giles Co., VA. The microfilm rolls state, he was "wounded" at Cedar Creek, VA - on October 19,1864, and "left in the hands of the enemy." Possibly was left out side of town, after the battle, was rounded up, with the rest of the captured and wounded, and left at a field hospital around Woodstock.

Black, Malcolm, Co D, 48th NC Infantry: Residence Moore County NC; 66 year-old Tailor He enlisted on 2/25/62 at Moore County, NC as a Private. He died of disease on 11/1/62 in Winchester, VA. A question remains that if he died in Winchester why was he buried around Woodstock? Most of Company D came from Moore County. The 48th NC Infantry was organized on 11 April 1862, choosing. The 48th was only in the Valley during and after the Antietam campaign.

Blith (Blyth) H. Co I, 2d LA Inf Nothing found

Boly, Joseph, Co C, 33d VA Inf Joseph Boly enlisting in Company C, 33rd VA on 6/3/61 from Page County and that he died 8/24/61. Boly was wounded at the First Battle of Bull Run and brought back to the Valley where died in a hospital in or near Woodstock, VA.

Bowen, 2LT, Thaddeus C., Co F, 6th AL INF (2nd Lieutenant, Company F, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment from the unit roster. No further record.

Brown, William, Co K, 10th GA INF First name was mostly likely James. William Brown is not listed on the Company K muster roll. The Only two Browns listed with an initial “W” are Brown, J. W. (10I) and Brown, James W. (10G) Company K, 10th Georgia Volunteer Infantry-Davis Musketeers-Richmond County

Carpenter, Cpl. Henry C., Co H, 45th VA INF "The Tazewell Rangers" Henry C. Carpenter was born in Bland County, Virginia. He enlisted on April 6, 1862 at Narrows, and served as a Corporal in Company H, 45th Virginia Infantry, during the Civil War. He participated in the Battle of Cloyd's Farm in May 1864, and died on October 6, 1864, in Woodstock, Virginia. Carpenter was originally buried in the Methodist Gave Yard according to a letter sent to his sister. Ms John P. Lovell tended him until he died.
Read Cpl. Carpenter's letter home Henry C. Carpenter letters

Carr, J. J. Co H, 60th INF Regimental records reveal a Private James S. Carr who served in Co. E of the regiment. James Carr enlisted on 7/1/61 in Frankford, WV. He was listed as "present" until he entered the Wilmington, NC hospital for bronchitis on 4/20/62. He was discharged for disability on 5/30/62. James Carr is described as being 25 years of age, 5'11" tall, having gray eyes and light hair. Note the similarities in this record o Private Cave's record below. No listing exists for J.J. Carr or any Carr in Co. H.

Cave, J. J., Co D, 60th VA INF probably James R Cave Residence not listed; Enlisted on 6/26/61 at Lewisburg, Allegheny County, WV as a Private. Originally he was in the 1st Company G, 59th VA INF, but on 8/13/61, the company was reassigned to the 60th VA INF as Company D. He was listed as: Hospitalized 3/11/62 Wilmington, NC (With bronchitis). He was discharged from the hospital on 4/19/62. (Born 1838). He may not have actually been discharged in 1862 but rather sent somewhere, maybe even home to recouperate. That would account for the fact that he was buried during the War in Shenandoah County. It was not until 1864 that the 60th VA INF operated in the Valley.

Cloutz, John W. Company I, 6th NC Infantry Residence not listed; 22 years old. Enlisted on 9/22/62 at Burke County, NC as a Private. On 9/22/62 he mustered into "I" Co. 6th NC Infantry. He died of wounds on 10/21/64 at Woodstock, VA. He was listed as: Wounded 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, VA (Left to the enemy)

Culen, Michael, Co D, 18th VA CAV There is not listing of Michael Culen in the 18th Cavalry.

Dixon, Shelby H., Company F, 6th NC INF Residence not listed; Enlisted on 3/7/64 at Wake County, NC as a Private. On 3/7/64 he mustered into "F" Co. NC Infantry (date and method of discharge not given) He was listed as: Wounded 9/19/64 Winchester, VA (Wounded in head, presumed dead)

Elliott, John D. Co C, 24th GA INF Residence White County GA; Enlisted on 8/20/62 as a Private On 8/20/62 he mustered into "C" Co. 24th GA Infantry (date and method of discharge not given). He was listed as: Wounded 5/12/64 Spotsylvania Court House, VA (No further record) Company C was from White County Ga. Company C White County Marksmen. The regiment fought in the 64 Valley Campaign and fought in Woodstock on September 22, 1864.

Elrod, Corporal Samuel S Co B, 5th AL INF Nothing found

Farrer, C. S. Co G, 38th VA INF (possibly Garvin H Farrer) Farrer, Garvin H. (G company, 38th VA Infantry Regiment)- private October 1, 1861. He was wounded at Winchester, VA. September 19, 1864. He died of wounds at Woodstock, VA. On September 23, 1864.

Flynn, James, (Co I, 6th VA CAV?) There is a James A. Flynn listed as a member of Co. I, 12th VA CAV. Enlisted March 1863 at Mt. Jackson as a private. MWIA at Greenland VA during Jones Western Virginia Campaign. 4/25/63. There no J. Flynn listed as a member of the 6th VA CAV

Granger, CPL Robert B. Co K, 3AL INF No information was found on CPL Granger. Co. K was from Mobile. The 3rd Alabama suffered very heavily at the Battle of Third Winchester. Perhaps CPL Granger was wounded there and died around Woodstock as happened to several other soldiers. CPL Granger is not listed on the muster rolls of the 3rd AL INF posted on the Internet @ the Rodes’ Alabama Brigade web site.

Guinn, E, Company F, 3d NC INF

Hanshaw, William H. Co E, 22nd VA INF Enlisted in Co.E 10/12/62 at Cotton Hill, Fayette County. Wounded at Cedar Creek on 10/19/64 Died 10/30/64

Harding, Charles B. Co B, 2d VA INF Enlisted in Company H, 7/16/61 in Winchester, present for duty December 1861, no further record found

Harris, William, Co I, 31st VA INF

Henderson, C. 25th VA CAV John Salling, allegedly the last Confederate veteran was supposed to be a member of the 25th VA INF.

Hill, W. A. (Co B, 6th VA CAV?) or Co B, 12th VA CAV W. H Hill, unofficial sources show him in Co. B, 12th VA CAV and buried in Woodstock

Joiner, J. Co E, 25th VA INF Nothing found on Joiner. Company E or Capt George Smith’s Company, still from Pendleton County25th Virginia Infantry Regiment "That Splendid Regiment." John H. Warsham when referring to the 25th VA in One of Jackson's Foot Cavalry.

Holt, COL Willis Cox, Commander 10th Georgia Infantry Willis C. Holt - Elected Captain of Company C, 10th Regiment (Chattahoochee Beauregards) May 18, 1861. Elected Major 10th Regiment on August 4, 1862. Elected Lieutenant Colonel on October 29, 1862 and Colonel on May 19, 1864. He was wounded at Cedar Creek, Virginia and Died of his wounds. (In a letter dated October 21, 1864, Arthur Simms stated "...Colonel Holt of the 10th Georgia lost his leg..." He probably died as the result of the loss of that leg.

Lee, A, Co H 2nd VA CAV Nothing found

Marris, J. H. Co E, 12AL INF Nothing found on PVT Marris History of Co. "E" (DeKalb): Robert W. Higgins (resigned, 19 Oct 61); Lorenzo D. Patterson (resigned); William L. Maroney (resigned, 15 Jan 63); John Rogers (KIA, Spotsylvania); A. Majors (KIA, Snicker's Gap)

Marsh, J. R., Co I, 43rd NC INF Residence Anson County NC; Enlisted on 7/12/64 at Anson County NC as a Private in Co. I, 43rd NC Infantry He died on 10/10/64 at Hosp, Woodstock, VA Sources: North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster

Marsh, LT J. O., Co G, 6th AL INF Nothing found

Mc Glughen, J., Co H, 19th VA CAV Nothing found

McClendon, 2LT, B. L. Company K 26th GA INF McClendon enlisted in CSA as a Private on May 10, 1862, and was elected as junior 2d Lieutenant on July 30, 1863. He was wounded in the head and thigh at Winchester, VA on September 19, 1864, and died of those wounds on September 26, 1864; buried at Woodstock, VA. A conflict exists concerning the location of his wounds. One source says it was in the battle of Spotsylvania (this I doubt since, I believe that battle occurred in May 10-20, 1864). The other source says, Winchester. Lt. B. L. McClendon was a member of Company K, identified as the Forest Rangers, of the 26th Georgia Regiment. This company was made up of men from Clinch and Ware Counties in South Georgia.

Mc Neely, Sgt, James B, Co G, 5th NC INF Nothing found

Miller, Jacob, Co A, 51st VA INF Residence not listed; Enlisted on 7/16/61 at Abington, VA as a Private. He was listed as: * Detailed 7/25/61 (place not stated) (Detailed as Wagoner) * Returned 11/1/62 (place not stated) * Wounded 5/30/64 Gardner's Farm, VA (Flesh wound finger)

Mitchell, John, NC Nurse John A. Mitchell? Residence not listed; Enlisted as a Corporal (date unknown). On 7/4/62 he transferred into "K" Co. NC 32nd Infantry (date and method of discharge not given) He was listed as: Wounded 7/18/64 Snicker's Gap, VA. Promotions: SGT 1/24/63 (No further record)

Moler, Rollin “Whistler”. Co D, 12th VA CAV Enlisted 3/17/62 at Shepherdstown Company D as a private. POW at 5/30/62. Still absent from capture Sep thru Oct 62. Absent sick Sep – Oct 63. Present from Nov –Dec 1863 and Mar to April 64. KIA October 1864. Engle Papers says killed in Action 11/11/64 at Waynesboro. Shepherdstown Register 9/23/65 says KIA near Woodstock 10/10/64

Morris, John H., Co G, 12th AL INF Nothing found. Co. "G", known as the North Alabama Sharpshooters (Jackson): Commanders: CPT A. S. Bibb (until reorganization); P. D. Rose (wounded, Gettysburg); Daniel Butler

Murphey, L. B., (Co B, 1st VA CAV?) Unofficial source says he was in Co B, 12th VA CAV Buried in Massanutten Cemetery

Murphey, T., Co F, 19th VA CAV Nothing yet

Murphey, James H., Co B, 1st VA CAV James B. Murphy, enlisted on 3/2/64 at Orange Court House. Killed at Rude’s Hill on 1864. Record says he is buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Berkeley County, WVA. Could his body have been moved after the war?

Nolen, P. Nothing

O’Riley, LT, Edward O. Co C, 6th LA INF Nothing yet

Pearless, P. Co C (Co. G?), 51st VA INF Residence not listed; Enlisted as a Private (date unknown). Co. "G" 51st VA INF (In post-war record only) Other Information: died, reason not listed. Buried: Massanutten Cemetery

Petit, James Nothing found

Price, Captain Skirving Assistant Surgeon 38th GA INF, Wright’s Legion Skirving Price - Captain and Assistant Surgeon. December 4, 1862 to rank from August 11, 1862. Killed at Deep Bottom, Virginia, August 15,1864. Buried at Woodstock, Virginia. Author’s note: The date and place of death is incorrect. See below for some details on the death of Price. SKETCH OF CAMPAIGN OF 1864, TO SURRENDER (W. F. A. Dickerson, Co. D, wrote 38th Georgia Regiment the following sketch. This sketch, though not written by a soldier from Company G, will give the reader an idea of the movements of Company G, during the last year of the war. From: pp. 131-134 of volume four of Lillian Henderson, Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861 - 1865 (1960). On the 20th to Fisher's Hill, where we camped in the breastworks. On October 18th to Strasburg, where we formed battle line and drove the enemy across Cedar Creek. Back to Bunker Hill that night. On picket on the 14th and 15th. In camp on the 16th. On the 17th we advanced our pickets and had some fighting. Dr. Price was killed. On the 18th we moved at night to our right on the flank of the enemy. On the 19th at daylight opened on the enemy in their camp on Cedar Creek. (signed) W. F. A. Dickerson, Co. D.

Roberts, Green Co B, 6th NC INF Residence Orange NC; 45 years old Enlisted on 3/1/62 at Orange County, NC as a Private On 3/1/62 he mustered into "B" Co. NC 6th Infantry. He died of wounds (date not given) He was listed as: * Wounded 6/27/62 Gaines' Mill, VA (Wounded in the foot) * Wounded 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, VA (Wounded in the head

Shipp, Joseph, M. Co I, 6th NC INF Residence not listed; 20 years old. Enlisted on 12/13/61 at Wake County, NC as a Private. On 12/13/61 he mustered into Co. "I", 6th NC Infantry He died of wounds on 9/22/64 at Woodstock, VA He was listed as: * Wounded 11/7/63 Rappahannock Station, VA * Wounded 9/19/64 Winchester, VA

Singleton, H. G. Co H, 2d VA CAV Nothing yet

Smith, Robert F. Con H 45th NC INF Residence Rockingham County NC 31 year-old Farmer. Enlisted on 3/1/62 at Rockingham County, NC as a Private. On 4/8/62 he mustered into "H" Co. He was Killed on 10/19/64 at Cedar Creek, VA He was listed as: * Wounded 5/15/64 Spotsylvania Court House, VA * Returned 9/1/64 (place not stated) (Estimated day) Other Information: born in Rockingham County, NC

Spyrer, P. H. Co H, 20th SC INF COMPANY H- Captain S.M. Roof. He was wounded and captured at Cedar Creek on October 19, 1864. Later Edward Kinsler. The men came from Orangeburg and Lexington.

Spyres, Milledge H. Co B, 20th SC INF COMPANY B- Captain Paul Agabus McMichael was elected on December 30, 1861. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel on June 2,1864. No information on who replaced him. The men came from Orangeburg.

Stephens, J. H., Company K, 60th GA Infantry Residence not listed; Enlisted on 5/10/62 as a Private. On 5/10/62 he mustered into "K" Co. GA 60th Infantry He died (date not stated) at In Hospital (In 1863.) He was listed as: Wounded (date and place not stated) (In 1863.)

Thomas, J. P. Co G, 7th NC INF No listing in regimental roster

Thomason, John Pliney Co G, 6th NC INF Residence Rowan County NC 25 years old. Enlisted on 9/13/61 at Rowan County, NC as a Private. On 9/13/61 he mustered into "G" Co. NC 6th Infantry He was listed as: Wounded 9/17/62 Sharpsburg, MD; Wounded 9/19/64 Winchester, VA (In Leg) Absent, wounded 12/15/64 (place not stated) (Estimated day)

Thompson, Alabama Nothing found

Turner, Henry H. Company F, 4th NC INF Residence: Iredell County NC; 22 years old. Enlisted on 8/10/62 at Iredell County, NC as a Private. On 6/7/61 he mustered into "C" Co. NC 4th Infantry He died on 11/25/62 at Winchester, VA. He was listed as: POW 9/15/62, Boonsboro, MD, Transferred 10/6/62 Aiken's Landing, VA, Exchanged 11/10/62 Aiken's Landing, VA

Winstead, George W. Hospital Nurse Residence Wilson County 19 years old. He enlisted on 8/2/63 at Wilson County, NC as a Private. On 8/2/63 he mustered into Co. "F", NC 4th Infantry. (No further record) The 4th NC Infantry was assigned to Ramseur’s Brigade, Rodes’ Division from September 1862 until June of 1864. The regiments then became part of Grimes’ division until the end of the war. During the last half of 1864, the units served in the Shenandoah Valley. Source: North Carolina State Troops, a Roster.

Yoste, LT., Michael A., CO A, 21 MISS INF Company A- Volunteer Southrons of Vicksburg (May 1861) H. H. Yoste (Promoted 1st Lt. Fatally wounded at Cedar Creek)

Webb, C. Hospital Ward Master Curtis A. Webb? Enlisted on 10/12/63 at Burke County as a Private. On 10/12/63 he mustered into "E" Co. NC McRae's Bat Cavalry (date and method of discharge not given) He was listed as: Absent detached service 12/5/63 (place not stated)

Zeigler, H. H., Co B, 20th SC INF Nothing found on PVT Zeigler COMPANY B-. The men came from Orangeburg.

Information about Unknown Soldiers buried in Massanutten Cemetery

From Henderson's Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia: Whatley, Vachal D. F Company, 21st GA Infantry Private July 9, 1861 Killed at Woodstock, VA. October 9,1864

Ward, Jesse C Company, 28th GA Infantry Private September 10, 1861 Killed at Woodstock, VA. November 22, 1862

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