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The Men and Women of the Civil War

HANGING ROCK REBEL Lt. John Blue's War In West Virginia And The Shanendoah Valley
Blue, Oates, (ed) Dan 1994 324p
The experiences of Lt. John Blue begin at the very onset of the CW, May of Ď61, and span the length of Americaís greatest conflict on her home soil. While many soldiers claim to have "rode with Stonewall" the account in this book will leave little doubt that Blue, while assigned as a courier, watched the Battle of Cedar Mt. with legendary "Stonewall" Jackson. $25.00

Frederick Andrew A. Humphreys in the Army of the Potomac. Originally published in 1864, this rollicking story of the way it was in the Army of the Potomac is actually a thinly disguised attack on the character and military ability of Gen. Andrew A. Humphreys. In his masterful commentary, Arner identifies the main players and units and taps primary sources that support the original author's view. 384 pp, b/w photos, maps, bibliog, index, hardcover.

Paul D. Casdorph Prince John Magruder: His Life and Campaigns He was one of the most intriguing characters of the Civil War era. As famous for his courage as for his ornate uniforms and flamboyant style, he won intrepid victories on the peninsula of Virginia and successfully defended Texas during the long war's waning days. Now, in the first full-length biography of Major General John Bankhead Magruder, acclaimed historian Paul D. Casdorph has created a brilliant portrait of the Confederate general dubbed "Prince John." $35.00

Woodward, Jr., Harold 200pp DJ HB 1996 Singled out by Jackson and Lee as one who never offered less than his best, even after the war, Imboden fought fiercely to protect his native Shenandoah Valley from exploitation. 1st Biography of this General. $25.00

The Civil War Memoirs of Pvt. Edgar Warfield, 17th Virginia Infantry. 1996 214p. Softbound. When he marched to war from his Alexandra, Virginia, home, Edgar Warfield was an 18-year-old drugstore clerk. When he returned four years later, his parole in hand, he was a Confederate Army veteran, never to forget the horrors, the hardships, the drama and the camaraderie. With fellow enlistees he early enjoyed drilling before ladies and hearing their sweet voices at twilight campfires. But as the war heated up, Private Warfield learned the hard way how to wield a pick and shovel; ford the Shenandoah; sleep on the hard ground, tentless, in torrential rainstorms and driving snowstorms; fasten the soles of his shoes to the uppers with pieces of bandage; and, starving, forage for crackers and meat in the haversacks of enemy dead and then eat as he fought. Through the short rations and long rolls (calls to battle) in the kaleidoscope of his personal experiences, he encountered his father, his brother and schooltime friends on the battlefield. Heading north towards home for his only furlough of the war, he, with his father, stealthily evaded enemy troops everywhere, and finally achieved a secret reunion with their family. He sadly learned of his brotherís death from a Union prisoner whose wound he was dressing. Warfield recognized the cap the Yank was holding as his brotherís. Forced marches, siege winters, First Manassas, Sharpsburg, peach orchard, county courthouses, Frazierís Farm where brother George lay buried, the steady stream of memories of this "private soldier" recreates the atmosphere of a war that seared the soul.

THE PAINFUL NEWS I HAVE TO WRITE (CLOTH) by JESSUP, HARLAN Letters and Diaries of Four Hite Brothers of age County. Stonewall Brigade: The Army of Northern Virginia Series. 213 pp., maps, photo, dj, hardback. $25.00

by STACKPOLE, EDWARD J. 413 pp., illus., paperback. $14.95

by ALLAN, WILLIAM Printed on acid-free paper, bound in real cloth, with Confederate flags stamped on the cover. Color maps by Jed Hotchkiss as in the original edition. 175 pp., maps. $24.95

Confederate Surgeon,The Personal Recollections of E. A. Craighill
by Peter W. Houck

General James Dearing, CSA by William L. Parker

James Dearing a Civil War hero by any measure of the word.

I wrote you word: Poigniant Letters of Pvt. Holt

General Fitzhugh Lee: A Biography
by James L. Nichols

Biography of Wilmer McLean
by Frank P. Cauble
Wilmer McLean lived in Manassas at the beginning of the War Between the States but decided to move to Appomattox to avoid the carnage. Little did he know the war would end right on his doorstep.

General John Pegram, CSA
Walter S. Griggs, Jr.

Confederate Chaplain: William Edward Wiatt
An Annotated Diary by Alex L. Wiatt

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