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Regimental Histories

FROM SELMA TO APPOMATTOX - The History of the Jeff Davis Artillery
Price: $ 16.95
by Lawrence R. Laboda. The story of a company of Alabama soldiers who fought with distinction for more than 3-1/2 years in the Army of Northern Virginia. Paperback, 349 pgs.

SABRES IN THE SHENANDOAH - The 21st New York Cavalry, 1863 - 1866
Price: $ 34.95
by John C. Bonnell, Jr. Provides an almost day by day account of the a Federal cavalry regiment in the Shenandoah. Includes a roster. Hardcover, 342 pgs.

Price: $ 16.95
by James I. Robertson, Jr. This is a class- a heroic story about heroic men. Written by a leading historian whose specialty is Jackson, it combines tactical movements with graphic narratives to form a human story. Paperback, 247 pgs.

Price: $ 24.95
by S.L. Gracey. History of Rush's Lancers. This is one of the really good early regimental histories; a reprint of 1868 which includes a roster. Hardcover, 364 pgs.

A BRAVE BLACK REGIMENT Price: $ 15.95 by Luis F. Emilio. This is the history of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, the unit on which the movie, "Glory," was based. Paperback, 433 pgs. including roster.

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