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A Heritage Enterprise Books, Prints, and Relics
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Edinburg, Va, 22824


This book is a heartfelt story of how the Civil War affected the lives of a Shenandoah Valley Family. When war broke out, four brothers of the Daniel Hite family joined the ranks of the Confederate Army. Three of them campaigned with the famous Stonewall Brigade and the other served in Robert E. Lee's bodyguard. Their story is told in some eighty wartime letters plus a year's diary by one of the brothers. The family mterial is supplemented with excerpts from unpublished diaries of other "Page Grey" comrades. The Hite story is not only one of soldiers and campaigning, but also one of how war impacted an entire family and community. Contents of letters detail not only the discomforts of camp and campaign, but also shed light about the problems of farm management in wartime. Throughout it all, the family must cope with wartime hardship and the loss of three sons. Price: $25.00