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The Burning: Sheridan's Devestation of the Shenandoah Valley
by John Heatwole
(Temporarily Out of Stock)

The summer of 1864 was a time the residents of the Shenandoah Valley would not forget. Since the beginning of the War Between the States, The Shenandoah Valley had served as "The grain basket of the Confederacy". General U.S. Grant was determined to end General Lee's source of supply. Grant's order to General Sheridan to cripple the ability of the Shenandoah Valley to supply the CSA with food and fodder affected the civilian population as did no other act of war, including Sherman's march through Georgia. John Heatwole has packed this enticing book with the firsthand accounts of victims and perpetrators alike. This book brings history alive.

Table of Contects

Map: Valley Counties
One: Communities at the Crossroads
Two: A Change of Seasons
Three: Advance and Retreat
Map: Base of Operations
Four: Base of Operations
Five: The Fire Demon Reigns
Six: "My Soul Filled with Horror"
Seven: Towns Among the Camps
Map: Systematic Destruction
Eight: The Burning of Southeastern
Rockingham County
Map: Powell in Page County
Nine: Powell in Rockingham and Page Counties
Map: The Burnt District
Ten: The Burnt District
Eleven: The Burnt District Widens
Twelve: Powell in Page County
Thirteen: Of Stirrings Great and Small
Map: Through Shenandoah County
Fourteen: Custer Takes the Back Road
Fifteen: Custer on the Back Road
Sixteen: Merritt Down the Middle-Broadway Road
Seventeen: Merritt Down the Middle-Middle Road
Eighteen: Sheridan on the Valley
Pike-Harrisonburg to New Market
Nineteen: Sheridan on
the Valley Pike-New Market to Woodstock Twenty: Sheridan on the Valley Pike-Woodstock to Strasburg
Epilogue: Out of the Ashes
Appendix A: U.S. Units Ordered to Carry Out the Burning Policy
Appendix B: Chronology of the Burning

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