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Name ”@”@”@   ”GDoraemon

Date of Birth     ”G3 September 2112

Height”@”@”@   ”G129.3 cm

Weight”@”@      ”G129.3 kg

Head                 ”G129.3 cm

Chest                 ”G129.3 cm

Waist                 ”G129.3 cm

Hip                    ”G129.3 cm 

Horse Power      ”G129.3 hp 

Leap Height       ”G129.3 cm (in case of meeting a mouse)

Speed                 ”G129.3 km per hour (in case of meeting a mouse)

Favourite Food   ”Gscarlet bean cream bread (dorayaki in japanese)

Weak Point         ”G1) afraid of mice

                               2) his small tail - when the tail is pulled by others, he cannot move


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