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doraemo1.GIF (2369 bytes)    Doraemon's Birth Procedure

Doraemon is a cat-type robot made on 3 September in 2112. born1.gif (14866 bytes)

born2.gif (14406 bytes) Since there was an accident in the process of production, Doraemon had less 1 screw than other cat-type robots and became second class goods. 

Although Doraemon was not good in his academic study, born3.gif (15023 bytes)

born4.gif (13092 bytes) he could pass all the tests finally,

                     and became a baby-minder of Nobita's descendants. born5.gif (12311 bytes)   

Doraemon was orginally a yellow cat-type robot with a pair of big ears,

but when he took a nap at noon in one day,

                                       his ears were bitten off by a robot mouse. born6.gif (7500 bytes)

  born7.gif (11778 bytes) This accident made Doraemon very sad, and cry for ten days.

                                                His tears discoloured his body. born8.gif (13120 bytes)


As a result, Doraemon has the blue appearance. doraemo1.GIF (2369 bytes)


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