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<English Version>

'CIH' is a powerful virus and it had affected many computers in the world on 26 April 1999. Besides, there is no way to clean the virus so far. If you want your computer having immunity from this virus, you can just click here to download the immunity program!

Notes : After downloaded and unzipped, run 'sscan.exe' to scan your disk drive and then run 'anticihSetup.exe' to install the immunity program. Because it is a virus made by a taiwan guy, the immunity program is also chinese version and so don't worry when you cannot see english in the process of setting up.

<Chinese Version>

CIH是一種強勁的病毒, 已在四月二十六日破壞了無數的電腦, 而且暫時沒有任何解毒方法, 如果你想你的電腦從此免疫, 可按 這裡 下載免疫程式!

注意 : 下載和解壓後, 請先執行 'sscan.exe' 去檢查電腦的硬盤, 再執行 'anticihSetup.exe' 去安裝免疫程式.


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