Ultimate On-Line Gaming

What is Ultimate On-Line Gaming all about?

We here at UOLG will strive to give you the greatest on-line, and not to mention completely FREE, sites where you can find the game that you like. All the games on this site are 100% FREE and you will not be charged for anything. We have a list of links to other server's games, and we even have our own games that we have set up for your pleasure to play.

We would also like all of our guest to help us out as much as they like. If you got a game that you think is just great and would like a way to get games quickly over the internet, then feel free to let us know. We will do what we can to get that games up and running. If none of our staff has the game, we'll see what we can do about letting you run it. But the bottom line is, let us know what games you want to see on here.

Games On Our Site

Game Name Genre Rating
Chaos Overlords Strategy @@@@@
EWA: Extreme Wrestling Alliance Sport/RPG/Sim @@@@@
Unreal Tournament: Rogue Dragons' Society 3D Shooter @@@@@

Games On Other Sites

Game Name Genre Rating
Metal Knights '98 Strategy @@@@~
Earth: 2025 Strategy @@@@~
Utopia Strategy @@@@~
Dawn of Time Strategy @~~~~
Engines of War Strategy @~~~~
Almonaster Strategy @@~~~
Evernight Strategy @@@@~
Monarchy Strategy @@@~~
Netropolis Strategy @@@@~
Spacemerchant Strategy @@@~~

For any information about our site, how you can get your game site hosted by UOLG, requests for a game you would like to see on here, or anything of the sort, all you have to do is email the Webmaster at chrism@ptd.net.