Review by Chris Meyers
  • For those of you who have never played Chaos Overlords:Strategic Gang Warfare, you don't know what you're missing. As the name implies, this is a strategy game in which you hire gangs to work for you, and use them as your military. You are the Chaos Overlord, living in a mass censored world in the year 2050. The the entire world has been devided into a few mega cities, and you will battle against other would be Chaos Overlords to control the city. Send your gans out to sell the drugs, guns, and porn to anyone that wants it. Even offer buildings your protection for a price. Anything that could happen in the crime world is here. And those of you that have played would agree with me, it's one of the best strategy games of all time. I have to give this one five stars. Games play is quick, easy to learn, and there are a number of diferent ways set the game to have different winning conditions. I just hope I can see you out there playin the game with the rest of us. Although it's a great game to play against the computer, it's alot better playing against other humans, by far.

UOLG's Chaos Overlords League

Join the Choas Overlords Leauge now. All you have to do is download the full version of the game by clicking on the link below and going to the strategies sections.

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Download the FULL VERSION from Also Check out some of the other long lost, but great, games they have on their sight.
Download the CD Version Patch. This adds more information to the players screen about gangs, weapons, and sectors. Worth While.
Check out the game's FAQ.

Latest News

* 4/28/02 Rankings reset and ladder restarted.
* 4/28/02 Fixed the link to the unofficial Game FAQ. (Check this out...Is a good read and we're mentioned in the Multiplayer section.)
* 4/28/02 Fixed the link to the FULL VERSION download. Head on over to and see what you can find
* 4/28/02 Modified the web page a little bit to make it easier on the eyes so the fonts are easier to read.
* 5/06/02 Famin defeated Arctic Wolf in a Kill'em All Match.
* 5/26/02 Nassa defeated Agharion in an Elimination Match.

Current League Standings
Rank Player Name Score
1 Famin 1
2 Nassa 1
3 Agharion 0
4 Artic Wolf 0
5 -- --
6 -- --
7 -- --
8 -- --
9 -- --
10 -- --
11 -- --
12 -- --
13 -- --
14 -- --
15 -- --