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Britany's Web Page
Hey everyone my name is Brittany and I'am making this web page for Computer Tect Class. I go to Tucker Valley Milddle School. I'am 13 years old and in the eigth grade. I played basketball for my school this year and last year.I plan to play in high school also. For fun I like to hang out with friends mostly my boyfriend John, I like to go shopping, and I also like to talk on the phone. I also like hang out with my friends such as Jerica,Leca,Ashley,Sara,Jessica,Ashley,Chelse,Beth, Jody,Amanda,Emily,Jamie and Jessy.Thanxz for always being there!l Well here are so pics of my favorite actors and cars.

My favorite actor
Paul Walker

My favorite actress
Julia Stiles


My favorite Cars!!

My Favorite Rapper!

Favorite Nascar Driver

Well their are some of my favorite things I hope you enjoyed them. I have a lot of favorite actors and actress I just didn't have enough room for all of them so i'll just tel you who they are.Actors: Densel Washington,Freddie Prince Jr.,Paul Walker,Sean Patrick Thomas,Fredro Starr,Garland Whitt,Mekhi Phifer,Josh Hartnett,Ryan Phillip,and Matthew Lillard.
Actress:Julia Stiles,Jessica Beil,Julia Roberts,Jennifer Love Hewitt,Monica Potter, Larisa Oleynik,Katie Holmes,Jennifer Lopez,and Drew Barymore. Well their are some of my other favorite actors.
Thanxz everyone for looking at my web page I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed making it.

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