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A lil' slice of Jenny's life  
Personal Information

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Orian Austin Post arrived on April 18th at 8:16pm. He is named Orian Austin after his great grandfather.

In October 2004, I got married to Isaac Post. We bought our first home in June 2005.

I am a 10th grade science teacher at Preston High School in Kingwood, WV. I am working on a master degree in Agriculture and Environmental Education. I would love to be a 4-H extension agent someday.

During the past 5 summers, I traveled around the state of West Virginia working 4-H camps. I couldn't have asked for a better summer job. I have worked:

2001                            2002                            2003                            2004                            2005   
Kanawha                     Mason Older                Tri-County Older          Grant Older                Marion
Cabell Younger            Braxton                         Marshall Junior            Wetzel                       Mon Co Day Camp
Brooke                        Ohio                             Lewis                           Wood Co Horse Camp
                                    Preston Older              Brooke                          Upshur Younger
                                    Webster                                                           Hancock Co.
                                    Preston Younger                                               Volunteer Leaders Weekend
                                                                                                            Hip Hop Boot Camp

My AIM-- sunbeatle24

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