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Hi!! I just had to make a Web Site for the best show on the air today!!! If not the best show ever!!:-) If you have any questions please E-mail me!!! Or if you just want to talk X-Files look me up on ICQ!! My nickname is Smoking Fox. Always great to hear from fellow X-Philes and Shippers!!! If I could have one superfical dream come true it would be to have a small part in an X-File!! They could even dress me up as some monster, or stick me in a crowd of people. Just to be there would be so great!!! Anyway, hope you all have fun surfing this site!!!Enjoy!! :-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0:-):-0

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Hi everyone!!! Please vote for my site!!!!! Hope you have enjoyed it!!!:-)

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