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Samir's Site

Hey, This is Samir, you obviously know me, otherwise why the hell would you be at my site? You like the red? I wanted to change up my site some. Here are some pictures of my family. IF you want to see pictures of my friends, click on the link on the left side.

Put your mouse over this and you are gay.

Here is my Mom and my Sister

This is my Mom and Dad

Right now I am redoing my whole site. So everything really isn't in order. It will be sooner or later...mostely later.

If you wanna see a picture of me click on my friends. I'm the first picture.

Talk to me on aol or icq, My screen name is Samir014, my number is 63486225

Thanx for visting my site if you have any comments or suggestions email me at or sign my guest book or talk to me through Msn or AOL My name is samir014.

I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO REMIND YOU THIS PAGE IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION..except for like my whole life, i never fuckin update this thing... o well
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