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Cool Downloads

Here are some Games that you can play online.

Eat snacks and watch your snake grow!

Taco Joe
Keep up with taco production by looking in the games section of the website.

Marble Toss
Heave your marble into a trackball case.

Tim Ball
Just like the old mechanical baseball games.

Java Tron
Play the "Tron" lightcycle game. Two-player fun!

You are a pair of feet running around a maze, eating stars.

Quid Pro Joe
Help the president raise more money by helping him pour coffee into the cups of special interest group members.

Platypus Ranch
You are a rancher riding a pig and herding platypuses into a pen. Fun!

Sumo, without the wrestling.

Virtual Bubblewrap
All the soothing fun of real bubble wrap.

21 Marbles
You pick up marbles, the computer picks up marbles... the last one to pick up a marble wins!

Dogs Playing Poker
Rex, Spot, Fido and Puddles are ready to deal you in. Watch out, they bluff!

Play a delightful game of checkers, courtesy of Ben and Jerry.

Space Waste
An Asteroid rip-off

Put Out the Fire
Save the Forest and the trees.

Aussie Surf Classic
Hang ten, dude!

Yar's Revenge II
We've always thought that Yar's Revenge was the most underrated game for the Atari 2600 home video game system. It was so mysterious, and therefore so totally cool. Even kids who owned it weren't really sure what was going on....

Executive Basketball
Ever feel like tossing everything in your office in the trash? Well, don't do it! It can cause a painful condition known as unemployment! Instead, take out your frustrations by playing Tripod's Executive Basketball game.

Dr. Seuss is here to stay. We've got games for you to keep you entertained all day!

Hackey sack
Play a game of virtual hackeysack here...kick, move, kick, move.

Shamanic Reginald
Click him or click his buttons to mix and match his dance out though, the man can move!

Pizza Blasters
Old-school video gaming here. Help Tony blast inferior pizzas away.

Have fun throwing bolts of lightning at mortals from above.

Street Luge
Thank goodness for those bails of hay.

Candystand Golf
Miniature Golf...with a little candy thrown in the mix.

Check Mate, Fool!

Wiener Pong
Pong with Oscar Mayer Wieners....yeah, you read it right.

Snackwell's Pinball
Low-fat snack food and pinball! What more could you ask for?

For even more games you can play online go to

Here are some downloads I will get some more later please bookmark this page.

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This lets you blow up Suddam! Get him!

Mario Battle Mode


4 levels of supermario

Hit the teacher with spitballs

You shoot smiley faces

It's a four way pong game its preety fun