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Eagle Wing Farm Invitational Mini Trial

August 20, 2000

Welcome to the EWMT! All of the competitors in West Virginia's only horse trial had an awesome weekend!! Check out the results below!!

Welcome to the first-ever EWMT!! For directions, click here. Eagle Wing proved to be the perfect setting for the event, with 78 degree partly-sunny weather and a relaxed but fun cross country course. The ten competitors began the day with beautiful rides (rather chilly, though) before our Judge, Ms. Beverly Moore. Scores ranged from 31.5 to 43.5, with a tie for the lead between Candice Stout on Chase the Lightning and Susie Pratt on TMF Flashy Mint. For the dressage awards, the tie was broken by the Collective Marks, where Susie scored only one point higher to score the dressage ribbon and lead rope.

Cross country proved highly interesting, as only two horses galloped around the unusually long (but untimed) course cleanly, Jeremy Vance on Picture Perfect and Lori Messina on Mangus. These clean rounds help Messina and Vance move into 1st and 2nd, respectively. Jessi Briland on Oscar the grouch moved up to 3rd with only 20 penalties, Kent Briland and Arielle advanced to 4th after picking up 40 penalties, and Theresa Perine galloped to 5th on Fritz after 60 penalties.

Stadium also proved to be interesting, but not for the leaders as Messina put in a clear round to finish on her dressage score of 32.5 and win the event. Vance finished second after his clean stadium round and also finished on his dressage score, just three points behind the leader. Third in the field was Jessi Briland, finishing 23.5 points out of the lead.

The remainder of the results are below. Thanks again to all of the volunteers and riders for a great weekend!! Also, special thanks to Pam Watts for the use of her land, Bev Moore for judging the event, and Wise Choice Tack for their donation of the prizes!!

For more information on times, spectators, etc., contact the secretary.

Open Beginner Novice Division Scores
No. Rider Horse D Time D Score D Place XC Time XC Score XC Place S Score Place
7 Lori Messina Mangus 8:48 32.5 3 11:18 32.5 1 32.5 1
2 Jeremy Vance Picture Perfect 8:08 35.5 7 11:03 35.5 2 35.5 2
3 Jessi Briland Oscar the Grouch 8:16 36.0 8 11:06 56.0 3 56.0 3
1 Kent Briland Arielle 8:00 41.0 9 11:00 81.0 4 91.0 4
280 Teresa Perine Fritz 8:56 34.5 5T 11:21 94.5 5 94.5 5
4 Susie Pratt TMF Flashy Mint 8:24 31.5 1T 11:09 111.5 6 111.5 6
9 Brett Norris Snow Baby 9:04 43.5 10 11:24 143.5 8 153.5 7
206 Deb Murphy Bogey 8:40 33.0 4 11:15 153.0 9 168.0 8
5 Ruth Briland AD Meyer George 8:32 34.5 5T 11:12 134.5 7 204.5 9
10 Candice Stout Chase the Lightning 9:12 31.5 1T(2) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Thanks to the following volunteers:

*Howard Moore: TD, Jump Judge, Course Builder, Stadium Steward, XC Starter, Sponsor, Jump Crew, Dressage Steward

*Beverly Moore: Dressage Judge, Stadium Judge, Jump Judge

*Pam Watts: use of land

*John Norris: Jump Judge, Course Builder

*Jessi Briland: Course Builder

*Aaron Norris: Jump Judge

*Megan Moore: XC Course Designer, Secretary, Stadium Course Designer, Scorer, Organizer, XC Steward

*Jeremy Vance: Course Builder

*Ruth Briland: Course Builder

*Belinda Vance: Course Builder, Jump Judge

*Kent Briland: Course Builder, Water provider

*Cassie Full: Jump Judge

*John: Course Builder

*Mickey Briland: Jump Judge

*Cathy Campbell: Photographer

*Sara Hubbard: Jump Judge, "Housekeeping" in barn, CO-TD, Course Builder

*Candice Stout: Jump Judge

*Alicia Watts: Jump Judge

*Danita: Jump Judge

If you need any information, directions, etc, please contact:

EWMT Secretary
Megan Moore
3327 Straight Creek
Ashland, KY 41102