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Daemon Prince Characters

ĒWith a might shout he rose, brighter than the sun and more fierce. In his hand he held a rod of twisted bone, crossed and recrossed to form the sign of his dark lord, a symbol of his power and fruit of mortal longings well-fulfilled.Ē

ďHe rose above the company, taller far than they, and looked with black pride on these his affrighted slaces. He snarled and heard the sound of his noble hatred echoing from the skies. He stared the savage stare of immortal fury and death was in his gaze.Ē

ďAnd on that blasted heath his ashen servats turned, gripped by cold, unthinking terror, and fled from his presence. Thus on the blasted heath the Daemon Prince Doombreed was born. And he roared...Ē

Although there are untold billions that worhsip the Chaos gods, there are far fewer that dedicate their lives to them totally. For the majority of followers, the Chaos Gods offer the things that are not easily attained. Such followers use the Chaos Gods to attain power in the material universe, and are used by the Chaos Gods in return. For some, however, the allure of Chaos is far stronger. These followers have a deep, fervent belief in the Chaos Gods, and their commitment is total: body and soul belong to Chaos.

Those who dedicate themselves to the service of Chaos in this way are doomed to an all-or-nothing existence in the service of one Dark Power or another. The reward for those that please their God is ultimate power, for those that fail it is endless oblivion. To achieve greatness in the eyes of their Chaos God they will carry out any act, no matter how vile. Eventually a lucky few are rewarded by achieving the status of daemonhood. They can pass beyond mortal concerns, rising to the highest level of power as one of the immortal Daemon Princes who serve the Dark Gods of Chaos.

Note that these four special daemon princes are special characters and may only be used with the consent of your opponent. They are the most powerful of the known Daemon Princes, and hence all the rules that apply to normal Daemon Princes apply to these great daemons. They may be chosen from the HQ section of the force organization charts and have the following special rules: Fearless, Monstrous Creature, Fearsome, Invulnerable, Independent Character, and There Can Be Only One.

Doombreed, Daemon Prince of Khorne

Khorne was the first of the Chaos Gods to awaken fully, and Doombreed was one of the first of his servants. His true name has long been forgotten, but he was once human, a mighty Warlord who led armies which ravaged entire nations on Earth long, long ago. His acts of genocide and murder pleased the young god Khorne, who rewarded him and made him one of his first Daemon Princes.
Since then Doombreed has continued to serve Khorne well. He fought for his master at the side of Hours during the Heresy, and was aboard the Warmasterís battle barge when Horus was slain and the Emperor mortally wounded. Over the millennia he has returned to plague humanity countless times.

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Special Rules

Hates Slaanesh: Doombreed hates any Slaaneshi daemons, and creatures that bear the Mark of Slaanesh. Any army which includes Doombreed may not include any daemons of Slaanesh, nor any characters of units with the Mark of Slaanesh.
Lord of Khorne: If you want to include Doombreed in your Chaos force, you must also take a unit of Khornate daemons in the same army.
Axe and Rod of Khorne: In his right hand Doombreed carries a mighty Axe of Khorne, suffused with chaotic energy and laden with death. In close combat any to hit rolls of 6 allow Doombreed to make an additional attack. As long as you keep rolling 6s you can keep on making additional attacks. These additional attacks may be allocated against new opponents if desired. In his left hand Doombreed carries the Rod of Khorne, a huge staff made of twisted bone that bears the Mark of Khorne at its head. The Rod of Khorne counts as a second close combat weapon and lets Doombreed make an extra attack.
Chaos Armor: Doombreed wears brazen armor which bears the Mark of Khorne. This armor is a living part of the Daemon Prince, and it is sustained by its own unquenchable inner energies. It gives Doombreed a saving throw of 2+ instead of a 5+ invulnerable save from a daemonic aura.
Collar of Khorne: The Collar of Khorne that hangs around Doombreedís neck is said to be forged from the heat of Khorneís rage at the very foot of the Blood Godís throne of brass. The power of the collar is to suck the energy of the warp from around it, fortifying the wearer and protecting it from psychic attack. As a result, force weapons lose their special ability to kill the wearer outright, and psychic powers that target the wearer or include him in their area of effect are nullified and will not work.
Fly: Doombreed has wings and is able to fly over the battlefield in great leaps and bounds. This means he can move exactly as if he was equiped with a jump pack.

Níkari, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

NíKari was born on an isolated, backward world which has been trapped in the center of a violent warp storm for millennia. The Chaos Powers have repeatedly attempted to conquer this planet, but have so far been foiled by the uncorrupted peoples of the world. NíKari rose to prominence during one of the Chaos Powersí many attempts to conquer the planet. He proved himself a dedicated follower of Slaanesh in countless battles-and the debauched and disgusting revelries that followed them-and was rewarded by Slaanesh with the gift of Daemonhood. Along with Doombreed he was one of the two Daemon Princes that fought against the Emperor when he boarded Horusís battle barge, and he continues to serve his daemonic master to this day.

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Special Rules

Hates Khorne: NíKari hates any Khornate daemons, and creatures that bear the Mark of Khorne. Any army which includes NíKari may not include any daemons of Khorne, nor any characters of units with the Mark of Khorne.
Lord of Slaanesh: If you want to include NíKari in your Chaos force, you must also take a unit of Slaaneshi daemons in the same army.
Rod of Command: The Rod of Command is a stout wand of bone, elaborately carved with scenes of debauchery. The bone was taken by NíKari from the body of a Bloodthirster he had defeated in single combat. Any units withing 12Ē may use NíKariís Leadership of 10 for any morale checks.
Aura of Slaanesh: In hand-to-hand combat, NíKari may force one enemy model to take a morale check on 3D6 to be able to strike in the assault phase. If they fail the test, then that model may not attack in that combat phase. Once a model has passed the test once, it cannot be forced to take it again.
Psychic Power-Fleshy Curse: NíKari may attempt to use the Fleshy Curse psychic power exactly as described in the Chaos Sorcererís description of Codex: Chaos Space Marines.
Doom Bolt: In the shooting phase, NíKari may throw a Doom Bolt. The Doom Bolt strikes has the following profile:
18Ē55Assault 3

Foulspawn, Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Foulspawn was one of the most diseased and digusting of all Nurgleís Champions. It was said that the sight of him was so horrifying that hardened warriors who say him were rendered incapable of any action while they gagged and wretched in disgust. Nurgle was deeply fond of his unsightly Champion, and eventually blessed him with the reward of Spawndom. Most Chaos Spawn die within minutes or hours of their transformation, either being killed in battle or expiring as their impossibly mutated bodies give out under the strain. Such was not the fate of Foulspwan, however. He not only survived, he grew and prospered. By some strange quirk of fate (or equally strange whim of Nurgle) Foulspawn was able to survive by ingesting and absorbing the fleshy tissues and bodily fluids of living creatures, which he achieves by grabbing his victim with his sticky, toad-like tongue, and them swallowing the still living creature whole!

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Special Rules

Hates Tzeentch: Foulspawn hates any Tzeentch daemons, and creatures that bear the Mark of Tzeentch. Any army which includes Foulspawn may not include any daemons of Tzeentch, nor any characters of units with the Mark of Tzeentch.
Lord of Nurgle: If you want to include Foulspawn in your Chaos force, you must also take a unit of Nurgle daemons in the same army.
Terror: Foulspawn exudes sheer horror, his very existence is a threat to the sanity of the most strong willed of mortals. Any successful morale checks caused by Foulspawn must be rerolled second time. If the second roll is also successful, then the unit is fine.
Spawn: Foulspawn is a chaos spawn, and therefore must follow some special rules. Foulspawn moves 2D6Ē in the movement phase instead of the standard 6Ē. If a double is rolled when rolling for his movement, then Foulspawn suffers half the double number rounding down (i.e. If a double 2 was rolled, then Foulspawn suffers 1 wound. If he rolled a double 5, then Foulspawn will suffer 2 wounds.). As Foulspawn has gained more control over his horribly mutated body he wonít attack friendly models, but enemy models may attack him in assaults as well (only 2nd edition players will note this change).
Psychic Power-Stream of Corruption: Foulspawn may attempt to use the Stream of Corruption psychic power exactly as described in the Chaos Sorcererís description of Codex: Chaos Space Marines.
Cloud of Flies: A huge cloud of flies surrounds Foulspawn at all times. All enemy models within 6Ē of Foulspawn suffer a -1 modifier to their weapon skill and ballistic skill.

MíKachan, Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

MíKachan is amongst the most cunning and devious of all Tzeentchís followers. Unlike the other Daemon Princes described above he was never a mortal creature. MíKachan is a Lord of Change, one of the incredibly powerful creatures of Chaos, created from pure warp energy by the Chaos God Tzeencth to do his bidding.
Although most Greater Daemons have broadly similar powers, they are by no means identical, just as no two living creatures are ever exactly the same. MíKachan, for example, disdains physical combat and relies on his formidable psychic powers and mastery of illusion and trickery to defeat his foes to an extent unparralleled by any other Lord of Change. He particularly relishes matching his intellect against those of a worthy foe, and has even been known to spare such opponents in order to allow himself the pleasure of matching wits against them again at some time in the future.

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Special Rules

Hates Nurgle: Foulspawn hates any Nurgle daemons, and creatures that bear the Mark of Nurgle. Any army which includes Foulspawn may not include any daemons of Nurgle, nor any characters of units with the Mark of Nurgle.
Lord of Tzeentch: If you want to include Foulspawn in your Chaos force, you must also take a unit of Tzeentch daemons in the same army.
Tzeentchís Blessing: MíKachan is a master of the arts of magic and is the foremost practitioner of these arts among his fellow Lords of Change. Any time an opposing psyker attempts to cast a psychic power MíKachan can nullify it on a 5+. MíKachan may also reroll failed psychic tests.
Psychic Power-Flame of Tzeentch: MíKachan may attempt to use the Flame of Tzeentch psychic power exactly as described in the Chaos Sorcererís description of Codex: Chaos Space Marines.
Master of Illusion: MíKachan has the ability to create an illusion by which he can appear to be any living creature which he desires. If he uses this ability he is not set up at the start of the battle. Instead, the Chaos player may choose any model in his army to by MíKachan in disguise. Write down the model that has been selected. This model functions exactly as it would normally until it suffers a wound, or MíKachan chooses to reveal himself. As soon as either of these things happen remove the model and replace it with MíKachanís model. Any damage suffered by MíKachan while he was disguised still applies. Note that until he is revealed MíKachan is treated in every way as being the model he is disguised as.
Incredible Cunning: MíKachan is incredibly cunning. You may roll 2D6 and pick the highest when rolling to decide who gets the first turn. The enemy will also always have to set up the first model in scenarios where opponents take turns placing one unit at a time.

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