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Kids' Stuff LIVE!

The Radio Show

The Radio Ministry

 of OTV Ministries

What Is "Kids' Stuff LIVE! The Radio Show?"

"Kids' Stuff LIVE!" is a fast-paced, variety radio show designed just for kids and kids at heart. The co-hosts, Otie and Tanya. along with their puppet sidekicks will WOW you with the slamminest tunes in the galaxy, totally excellent contests, news, weather, stories, ridiculous riddles, and much more!

What kind of music do you play?

The music played is the latest in contemporary Christian music. Many of the songs will be oldie-style songs from the 50's, 60's, 70,s and 80's with Christian words. Artists such as the Apologetix, Ron Perry, The Vineyard Kids, The Brentwood Kids,The Brothers, Maranatha Kids Vocal Band, The A Cappella Kids, and The African Children's Choir, Joey G., Alan Root and Carman. Also, special characters such as The Puppets In Concert and Lawrence The Kat (the phat cat with the baseball hat), are featured. From the slow tempo to the jammin' beat, you'll hear it all on Kids' Stuff LIVE! The Radio Show.

Where and when can I find this show on my radio? IMPORTANT!(READ THIS!)

At this time we are looking for time slots on radio stations..

If you would like to give to our ministry, send your gift to: Otie and Tanya, P.O. Box 6622, Charleston, WV 25362

Who are the characters I hear?

We sometimes feature two hip hoppin', jammin' characters known as Smilin' Sammy and Sa'more Sunshine. They are a brother and sister team that are the hottest kid DJ's on the audio dial! They are there to take requests from their favorite audience: EVERYONE!

Otie and Tanya perform fun segments of the show sprinkled with strange sound effects, totally cool music, some day to day factoids, contests, and some zany friends who obviously have nothing to do with their life but make people happy! You may hear the voices of Copper Puppy (Ridiculous Riddles), Dougie (Dougie Bunnie's Funnies), Tadpole (Weather of the Day), Bubblegum (Kids 411 and Dear God), Squawker (The Bird With The Word), Jazz (All That Jazz), Goopy (News), Gil (Potluck), and Moe Music (Tell Me That Tune!), just to name a few!

We'd like to hear from you so why not write to Otie and Tanya or any of their puppet friends by e-mailing us by clicking on the "e-mail" button below

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