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Thank you for your interest in Otie & Tanya to appear at your event. In order to properly consider your request, please complete the following information.

 Please note that completion of this form is NOT A CONFIRMATION that Otie & Tanya will be available to perform at your requested engagement. You will receive acknowledgement within 72 hours.


Name of Church/Organization:     

Address Line 1:   

Address Line 2:   

City:            State / Providence:


Contact Person:   


Theme of Event:   

Anticipated Attendance:   

Date(s) & Times Requested:   


Location of Event:   


Please specify any requirements


Please submit completed form immediately for Otie & Tanya's availability prior to your event.


Should you have any further questions or concerns you can contact us at (304) 766-7311 - leave a message on our answering machine and we will contact you within 48 hrs.