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Official Homepage of New Creek VFD

This page is dedicated to all of the firefighters everywhere who risk their lives everyday to save others. On this page you will also learn a little about the New Creek Volunteer Fire Department, a small town fire dept. in the hills of West Virginia

Ok, I've finally gotten a chance to update this page! What i've done though, is put all the new updates on the information page (see bottom for link) PLEASE NOTE! We've changed our email address, due to the unbearable amount of spam, if you want to contact us email us at: NCVFD now has a banner for linking to this page from others! If your page is interested in linking to us, please email us and save the image below to link to us. New Creek VFD's Unofficial Homepage has now been reconstructed, you can access this page by scrolling down this page in the links section. Special thanks goes out to Cody Dennis for reconstructing that page. Check back in later for updates. Don't forget to email me at if you have any questions about the dept.


I am proud to announce that NCVFD has won a merit award for this page!! Also this page's address will be published in the January 99' Edition of Firehouse Magazine!!!
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