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hints to all the puzzles in the immediate *cryptic*
FAQ's about the stone and the like
Listing of stonemates and others that would like a stonemate

Welcome to the NEWBIE stonesite. Started and maintained by TIMBER!*Yeah* You may email me at the below email address with anything from if you need any nudges on anything, info on how to get started, even a temporary stonemate, feel free to email the below address.

I will updating this page alone while I search for a reliable stoner who will help me.

Below you will find a list of links to hints on every puzzle so if you aren't completely ready for a nudge yet, please please please don't click there. You will also find the Stonemates page were I will be trying, REPEAT TRYING, to match everyone that has their stonemate on my site that way we all know who's playing with whom and who is still mateless*sob* Cause I still am!! There will be more featues to come as soon as I can

Timber :) :) :) :) :)

****Please note that this site is in no way related to,, or anything else Just me and only me..********