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Wk 1 ~~ August 30-31
Bandits acquire QB Jeff George
Vipers acquire WR Tim Dwight
Vipers move QB Ryan Leaf to active Roster
Vipers move WR Jerry Porter to Developmental Squad
Playmakers release RB Raymont Harris
Playmakers aquire RB Lamar Smith $2.00
Sharks place WR Rob Moore on IR
Sharks acquire K David Akers
Raptors release RB Mario Bates
Raptors acquire QB Matt Hasselback$2.00
Raptors move RB Kevin Faulk to active Roster
Raptors move QB Matt Hasselback to Developmental Squad
Bandits release RB Natrone Means
Bandits acquire RB Chris Warren $2.00
Bandits release QB Ray Lucas
Bandits acquire WR James Jett $2.00

Wk 2 ~~ September 6-7

Wk 3 ~~ September 13-14
Ratpors place WR Joey Galloway on IR
Raptors acquire RB Mike Anderson
Sharks place WR Michael Westbrook in IR
Sharks acquire WR Dedrick Ward
Vipers place RB Olandis Gary on IR
Vipers acquire WR Andre Reed
Samoan Slam acquire RB Robert Chancey $2.00
Samoan Slam release RB Jerame Fazande
Warthogs acquire WR Donald Hayes $6.00
Warthogs release TE Luther Broughton

Wk 4 ~~ September 20-21
Playmakers acquire QB Jay Fiedler $10.00
Playmakers release RB Johnathon Linton
Breakers acquire TE Ken Dilger $2.00
Breakers release TE Tony McGee
Vipers acquire RB James Allen $2.00
Vipers release QB Ryan Leaf
Vipers acquire RB Richie Anderson $2.00
Vipers release RB Terry Kirby
Warthogs acquire TE Pete Mitchell $2.00
Warthogs release Derrick Mayes
Sharks move RB Travis Prentice to active Roster
Sharks move RB Mike Cloud to Developmental Squad

Wk 5 ~~ September 27-28
Sharks release K Todd Peterson
Sharks acquire WR Jacquez Green$2.00
Sharks release K Phil Dawson
Sharks acquire WR Frank Sanders$2.00

Wk 6 ~~ October 4-5
Raptors place WR Kevin Dyson on IR
Raptors acquire RB Brian Mitchell (IR)
Warthogs acquire TE Erron Kinney $2.00
Warthogs release TE Pete Mitchell

Wk 7 ~~ October 11-12
Warthogs acquire WR Antonio Freeman
Samoan Slam acquire RB Ricky Watters
Samoan Slam acquire WR Keyshawn Johnson
Samoan Slam acquire WR Albert Connell
Breakers place K Brett Conway on IR
Breakers acquire QB Trent Green(IR)
Samoan Slam release RB JJ Johnson
Samoan Slam release RB Robert Chancey
Robweiser acquire QB Ray Lucas $2.00
Robweiser release TE James Whalen
Bandits move WR Sylvester Morris to active roster
Bandits place RB Errict Rhett on IR

Wk 8 ~~ October 18-19
Samoan Slam places RB Duce Staley on IR
Samoan Slam acquire RB Sammy Morris (IR)
Warthogs acquire RB Justin Watson $2.00
Warthogs acquire TE Chad Lewis $5.00
Clones release RB Amos Zereoue
Clones acquire QB Doug Flutie$2.00
Clones release WR Plaxico Burress
Clones acquire WR Troy Brown$2.00
Clones release QB Troy Aikman
Clones acquire WR James Thrash$2.00

Wk 9 ~~ October 25-26
Warthogs acquire RB Jamal Anderson
Robweiser acquires QB Kerry Collins
Robweiser acquires RB Darnell Autry
Raptors release RB Antowain Smith
Raptors acquire WR Oronde Gadsden$2.00
Warthogs release TE Erron Kinney
Warthogs acquire RB Darnell Autry$2.00
Sharks release RB Mike Cloud
Sharks acquire WR Plaxico Burress$2.00
Sharks move WR Plaxico Burress to Developmental Squad

Wk 10 ~~ November 2-3

Wk 11 ~~ November 8-9
Warthogs release TE Chad Lewis
Warthogs acquire QB Jim Miller$2.00
Warthogs acquire RB Ahman Green$6.00
Breakers release RB Curtis Enis
Breakers acquire WR Derrick Mason$2.00

Wk 12 ~~ November 14-15
Vipers acquire QB Donovan McNabb
Vipers acquire Jets Defense
Bandits acquire TE Stephen Alexander
Bandits acquire WR Andre Reed
Sharks acquire WR Rod Smith
Sharks acquire Raptors 2001 6th rd draft pick
Raptors acquire Sharks 2001 3rd rd draft pick
Raptors acquire WR Dedrick Ward
Warthogs place RB Trung Canidate on IR
Warthogs acquire QB Trent Dilfer
Magilla Gorillas place QB Tim Couch on IR
Magilla Gorillas acquire QB Gus Frerotte
Sharks acquire Saints Defense
Sharks release TE David Sloan
Sharks acquire RB Zack Crockett
Sharks release WR Jacquez Green

Wk 13 ~~ November 22-23
Vipers acquire QB Trent Green
Breakers acquire Vipers 2001 3rd & 5th rd draft picks
Wolfpack acquire RB Jamal Anderson
Wolfpack acquire WR Antonio Freeman
Wolfpack acquire Colts Defense
Warthogs acquire WR Eric Moulds
Warthogs acquire Raiders Defense
Vipers release QB Tony Banks
Vipers acquire WR Andre Rison$2.00
Vipers release Jaguars Defense
Vipers acquire Brad Hoover$2.00
Sharks release Bills Defense
Sharks acquire RB Chad Morton$2.00

Wk 14 ~~ November 29-30
Breakers place QB Jeff Blake on IR
Breakers acquire QB Aaron Brooks
Bandits place RB Errict Rhett on IR
Bandits acquire Jaguars Defense
Warthogs place QB Jim Miller on IR
Warthogs acquire TE Kris Mangum Breakers release QB Akili Smith
Breakers acquire RB Jerald Moore$2.00
Wolfpack release RB Stacy Mack
Wolfpack release RB Curtis Keaton

Wk 15 ~~ December 6-7
Breakers acquire Warthogs 2001 4th Rd Pick
Warthogs acquire QB Aaron Brooks
Warthogs acquire Breakers 2001 5th Rd Pick
Raptors acquire RB Terrell Davis
Sharks acquire RB Mike Anderson
Breakers acquire Sharks 2001 7th Rd Pick
Sharks acquire Breakers 2001 8th Rd Pick
Sharks acquire RB Emmitt Smith