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FNL 2003 (SEASON 7)


The entry fee is $35 per team, to be paid by the Daytona 500 - February 16, 2003.
Initial lineups will not be accepted any later than February 13th.

Champion - 50%
Second - 20%
Third - 15%
Fourth - 10%
Fifth - 5%

Basic Rules

Each team will pick 6 drivers from the enclosed driver price list, while not going over the salary cap. The salary cap is $1,000,000. Each team must have 6 drivers at all times.

Point System

Weekly Points

Each team's weekly points will be determined by the finish of their 6 drivers for that race. 1 point will be awarded to first place, 2 to second, 3 to third, etc. For example, your 6 drivers finish 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40. You would earn 1 point for first, 5 points for fifth, 10 points for tenth, etc. For this week you would have 106 points. Then your 106 points would be placed against the other teams in the league to determine an order of finish, least points receiving higher placement. This order of finish would then determine the weekly "series" points.

Weekly Series Points

Weekly series points will be awarded just like they are to actual Nascar drivers: 175 for first place, 170 for second, 165 for third, etc.

Bonus Points

Bonus points will then be added to each teams weekly series points...
2 points - Pole winning driver
5 points - Race winning driver
3 points - Each driver in top 5 (race winner excluded)
2 points - Each driver in top 10 (top 5 excluded)


The series points will be accumulated throughout the entire season, and the team with the most points is the champion. Prize money will then be awarded to the top finishers at the end of the season.

Series Championships

The season will also be separated into 3 series: Spring, Summer and Fall.
The Spring Series will run from Daytona(Feb 16) thru Richmond (May 3)
The Summer Series will run from Charlotte(May 25) thru Bristol(Aug 23)
The Fall Series will run from Darlington(Aug 31) thru Miami(Nov 16)
The champion of each series will win a prize of $35.

Price List

I will revise the price list before each segment. The new price lists will be announced around the following dates...
For the Summer segment - after Richmond(around May 3)
For the Fall Segment - after Michigan(around Aug 17)
The new price lists will not go into effect until the beginning of each segment.
Everyone must turn in a completely new lineup for each segment.

If a team fails to turn in a new lineup, they will receive no points for the next series or the remainder of the 2003 series until they do turn one in. Turn your new team in as soon as possible.

FNL 100
The winners of each of 10 selected races will win a $10 prize.
This money will come out of the pot before percentages.
The races are...
Daytona 500 ~~ February 16 ~~ Daytona, FL
Carolina Dodge 400 ~~ March 16 ~~ Darlington, SC
Samsung/RShack 500 ~~ March 30 ~~ Fort Worth, TX
Auto Club 500 ~~ April 27 ~~ Fontana, CA
Coca-Cola 600 ~~ May 25 ~~ Charlotte, NC
Pepsi 400~~July 5 ~~ Daytona, FL
Brickyard 400 ~~ August 3 ~~ Indianapolis, IN
Southern 500 ~~ August 31 ~~ Darlington, SC
EA Sports 500 ~~ September 28 ~~ Talladega, AL
NAPA 500 ~~ October 26 ~~ Atlanta, GA

Tiebreakers for weekly finish will be as follows:
1 - most bonus points that week
2 - team with race winning driver
3 - most top 5 finishers
4 - most top 10 finishers
5 - highest finishing driver
6 - 2nd highest finishing driver, etc...
Tiebreakers for season finish will be as follows:
1 - most wins
2 - most second place finishes
3 - etc., until winner found.


Beginning this season, there will be no fee for driver changes. Each team will be allowed 4 driver changes per series. If you wish to make additional changes within a series, it would cost you 10 series points per change. The points would be subtracted from your overall series total, and your current series total. Deadline for driver changes is now midnight before qualifying. You can make any changes by giving them to me in writing, leaving a message on my cell phone(610-7897), or by e-mailing me ( I prefer you to E-mail them to me if possible.

Injury/Lost Ride

If you have a driver that is replaced due to injury of any kind, you will receive his replacements points. If a driver is temporarily replaced or injured, you can make a change and not lose 1 of your 4 driver changes, as long as you change back when he returns to the car.
If you fail to change drivers back, you will be charged 1 driver change.
If a driver loses his ride you will receive no points and have to make a driver change to rectify it.
If a driver loses his ride, then drives another car, you will receive the points for the driver in that car.


If any two teams would turn in identical lineups, the latter turned in would have to make a change. No teams can have identical lineups. If I don't have your entry fee in hand before I calculate stats for the Daytona 500, you will receive no points for that race. You will not receive any points until your entry fee is paid. If anything comes up during the year that is not fully explained in the rules, I will use my best judgement. I will not payout any FNL 100 races until the end of each series.

Weekly Standings
Standings will be posted on my website this season..
The address is...

Scott Jarrell
766-9340 (Home)
610-7897 (Cell)