I would like for everyone to read over the proposed changes and then fill out the form below. If you have any questions email me.

1.) Developmental Squad
I would like to change the dev squad requirements. All rookies would be eligible for the dev squad, regardless of stats.
The scoring/yardage totals would only go into effect for players with 2+ years experience.

2.) Division Re-Alignment
I would like to realign the divisions. I just think a few changes would make the matchups a little better for some people. Here is what I propose...
Bolts (Jason Jones)
Phantoms (Mark Bourdeau)
Vipers ( DJ Jones) -from Central
GunSlingers (Davy Rowe) -from South
Sharks (Jennifer Jarrell)
Breakers (Scott Jarrell)
Bandits (Tom Sizemore)
Gladiators (Charlie Abbott) - from North
Raptors (Jay Jarrell)
Playmakers (Danny Dolin)
Wolfpack (Chris Atkins)
Robweiser (Rob Layne) - from North

3.) Division Names
Since we are the "Mountain State" fantasy league, I think the div. names should reflect something tied to our state.
Here are some I have been thinking about.
Rivers - Kanawha, Elk, Coal
Counties - Kanawha, Putnam, Boone
Hall of Fame - Gatski, Huff, Stydahar
there are the only 3 people in the NFL HOF that actually attended state schools
-Frank Gatski - Marshall, Sam Huff - WVU, Joe Stydahar - WVU
State Greats - Choose 3 from the list below

4.) Championship Game Name
I would like to give our Championship game an actual name. I am looking for suggestions on this one.

5.) Game Title
This goes along with the previous question. Just choose whether you like "Bowl, Trophy, Cup, whatever"

What is your name?

Team Name

1.) Developmental Squad
Keep it the same
Make all rookies eligible for Dev Squad

2.) Division Re-Alignment
Keep it the same
I like the re-aligned division setup

3.) Division Names
(original) North, Central, South
(rivers) Kanawha, Elk, Coal
(counties) Kanawha, Putnam, Boone
(Hall of Famers) Gatski, Huff, Stydahar
(state greats) Enter 3 names in box below, choose from...
Jeff Hostetler - WVU / Giants,Raiders
Chuck Howley - WVU / Cowboys
Carl Lee - Marshall / Vikings
Curt Warner - Penn State / Seahawks
John Zontini - Sherman / Marshall
or add your own.
something else

4.) Championship Game Name
MSFL Championship Game
Appalachian "Bowl, Trophy, Cup, ?"
Sam Huff Trophy"
something else

5.) What should our league title game be called?
"blank" Bowl
"blank" Trophy
"blank" Cup
something else

Anyother suggestions to improve our league?

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