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NASCAR Blackjack
Each game will consist of 10 players.
The players will then be assigned a driver randomly from the current top 10 drivers in the official NASCAR standings.
Game Play
You will accumulate points by totaling the finishing position of your driver from week to week.
Each week you will be given the opportunity to “hit” or “stand”.
If you choose to “hit” your drivers points in the next race will be added to your total.
If you chose to “stand”, your points will be frozen from that point on and your drivers future points will not count.
Once your driver’s point total is greater than 21 points, you are eliminated from the game.
Winning the Game
The first player to either reach 21 points, or have the highest “stand” total would win the game.
If two or more reach 21 during the same week, they will split the jackpot.
If everyone were to bust, we would start over, with each player adding 50% of original fee.
Two or more teams can only "stand" on the same number if that number is reached in the same week.
eg. 1) Two people reach 18 total points in week 2. Both can stand.
eg 2.) One person is standing at 18 total points after week 1. In week two another player reaches 18 total points. Second Player must "hit"
Each player will be required to email me ( their weekly decision of whether to hit/stand. This must be recieved by midnight Wednesday. If I do not recieve an email, it will be considered "hit".
I will attempt to show all hit/stand choices nightly.
I will show my hit/stand designation when original results are posted.
If a player has the driver who wins the race, they will have the option of taking 1 point or 11 points.
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