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MSFL 2000 Rules

$60 Entry Fee, to be paid in full Draft day.
$2 per transaction minimum for Acquisitions.
Teams will receive losses until full Entry Fee is paid up. The team you are playing against would win if they tie or score more than the league average that week. If not, team would take a loss.

12 teams in 3 (4) team conferences, Northern, Central, & Southern.

Entry Fee ($720), and $30 of transaction money will go into the pot.
Any transaction money collected after that will be put into the league fund.
$315(45%) - Champion
$175(25%) - 2nd
$70 (10%) - 3rd
$70 (10%) - 4th
$35 (5%) - 5th
$35 (5%) - 6th
$30 - Regular Season Champion
$20 - Regular Season Scoring Champion

MSFL Playoff Tournament
6 teams make playoffs. Each Conference champ receive automatic playoff spots, with the next 3 best teams receiving wild card spots. Teams seeded 1-6. Teams 1, 2 and 3 must be conference champions. They will be seeded using tiebreakers. The remainder of the playoff field will be the wildcard teams seeded, regardless of conference, using tiebreakers. Teams 1 and 2 will receive first round byes. 3 vs. 6, 4 vs. 5 in first round of playoffs. In second round, highest remaining seed would play lowest remaining seed, etc. Winners play in Championship.
Kicker Bowl Tournament
6 non-playoff teams makeup Kicker Bowl field. Teams will be seeded 1-6, rather than 7-12. In first round, 1 vs. 6, 2 vs. 5, 3 vs. 4. In second round highest remaining winning seed, versus highest scoring loser from round 1, other 2 winning teams. Winners play in championship. Kicker Bowl Champion receives right to protect their Kicker for the next season, in addition to other protected players.

Trading will reopen draft day. You are allowed to trade protected players and draft picks, regardless of season.
Round timing = Rd 1 - 5 min, Rd 2 - 3 min, Rd 3+ - 2 min.
If not on time, lose turn and re-pick at end of draft.
No player drafted out of position. If a player is drafted that plays multiple positions, he must start at position drafted. Any points he would accumulate would count, regardless of how earned.
Must draft 2 of every position. During season your team can be setup as you wish (with a 17 player maximum). You may choose one miscellaneous player to backup any position.
Defenses are selected as team defenses, not on individual basis.
You can choose any position at any time during draft.
You must designate your developmental & miscellaneous players.

You could place 1 player(QB, RB, WR) at a time on your Dev. Squad. This would be in addition to your 17 player roster. This could be any player at any stage of his career, not only rookies, that has not reached the Yardage/Touchdown limitation. Once the player hits one of these totals you must either activate him to your active roster or release him.
Releasing or acquiring a new dev player must be done during the proper acquisition period. But you can move a player to your active roster at any time, so long as you have an open spot. You can release a player to make room, or move another player to your dev squad (if applicable).
Once you have activated a player to your active roster from your dev squad, they cannot be placed back on your dev squad until the end of the regular season. They can be put on your dev squad for your playoff roster.
You may chose a Developmental player at any time during the draft, but please designate them as a dev. squad player when you take them.
The IR does apply to Dev. Squad players.
At the end of the season, you do not have to protect your dev. squad player. They are automatically carried over for you. So then you would in essence have 3 protected players(2+1).
Yardage/Touchdown limitations for a players career stats.
QB's - 1200 yds or 8 TDs
RB's - 800 yds or 5 TDs
WR's - 800 yds or 5 TDs

No team can have more than 17 active players at any time. (1 per Dev. Squad)
Each week must start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def.
During season, teams can consist of any amount of backups at any position, as long as number does not exceed 17(active).

14 game regular season. Weeks 15, 16, 17 will be playoffs.
Play each conference team twice, play 8 non-conference teams once.

If a player is officially placed on the NFL Injured Reserve list, then that team may place him on injured reserve and choose a free agent at no cost. This choice can be done at any time during the week. You don't have to wait until the acquisition period. If this would be during acquisition period any bids would take precedence over the free choice. Once a player is placed on the IR, you will have 10 days from the date he is placed on the IR to select a new player at no cost. After this date you can still place the player on the IR, but any acquisition will cost and can only be done during the specified period. If a player remains on IR at end of season, and is still on a teams roster, team may choose him as a protected player. Also, a free agent injured reserve player may be acquired, then placed on that teams IR, then team may choose another player. Doing this would cost per each acquisition.

All stats and standings will be posted on this website.
All stats will be gathered by JP Perkins (Warthogs).
If a mistake is found in scoring or anything else, please let me and JP know and we will correct it.
An owner has 1 week to dispute results or stats. 1 week means kickoff of next weeks game. After 1 week, all results and stats are final.

Acquisition bidding
Acquisitions will begin each week at 10 am, Wednesday and end 10 am, Thursday. There will be bidding for players and defenses. If there is a player you wish to acquire, you would call anytime within the 24 hour period and state the player you wish to pick up. Then you would state the amount of money you wish to bid. Bid the highest amount you possibly would pay for each player. The amount must be at least $2, but there is no limit to how high this can get. At the end of the 24 hour period, the player would go to the highest bidder. If no one else calls about a player, you would get him for the minimum $2, no matter how high your bid was. If even one person called and bid $2 and you bid $50, you would have to pay $50. You would only be allowed one call per player, per week. You can make as many acquisitions during one call as you like, or recall about a different player. You could only recall about the same player to cancel an attempt. This also must be done within the 24 hour period. If you succeed in a bid for a player, you must pay the amount bid by the next Wednesday. If two teams make same bid amount for the same player, first to call would get the player.
If there is more than one player you are interested in I will allow acquisitions in the following form. "I want to acquire (player 1) for (money), If I don't get him I would like to acquire (player 2) for (amount)." If you acquire the first player, the second attempt would be completely ignored. If you fail in your first attempt, the second attempt would be as effective as any other attempt by other owners. This can also be done for more than 2 attempts.
Preseason acquisitions will proceed exactly like regular season.
Acquisitions will be allowed until playoffs. The acquisition period of December 12-13 will be the last chance to acquire players. During playoffs, only IR acquisitions will be allowed.
Calling my voice mail will be the only way I will accept attempts to acquire players. The number is 549-1909.
I reserve the right to stop the bidding form to acquire players if at any time during the season I feel it is getting out of hand. If this happens, all acquisitions will be a max of $2, with the first team calling receiving the player.

Trading and Lineups
Trading will begin at 10 am every Wednesday and end with kickoff of the weeks first game(whether Thursday, Saturday or Sunday). Lineups can be turned in at any time until kickoff of first game. If no new lineup is turned in, the last weeks lineup will be used.
As a courtesy, I ask that all lineups be called in by Saturday. You could still call in changes Sunday, but I will have to e-mail lineups to JP(Warthogs) on Saturday night/early Sunday so he can calculate stats. Try to turn in lineups as soon as possible.
There will be a trading deadline this season. The deadline will be Thursday, November 22. After this deadline, no trading will be allowed until some point after the playoffs.
Trades and Lineups can be turned in by calling the voice mail, my home telephone (answering machine), E-mail, or written down and handed to me. Please do not tell me your lineup, and expect me to remember it. Voice-Mail and E-mail are preferred.
People can turn in trades and lineups for each other, but be careful. You must let me know in advance that it is alright for someone in particular to turn these in for you.
No money can be involved in trades.
During the season, you can trade for the next season's draft picks, but not for any future considerations.
No trading between teams on a temporary basis, only to be re-traded. If this is found to happen, the teams involved will receive losses for the games involved.

Basic Pts.
TD passes = 4 pts
TD Rush/Rec = 6 pts
DEF TD = 6 pts
DEF Shutout = 6 pts (completely 0 pts scored by opposing team)
DEF Safety = 2 pts
2pt conv = 2 pts (passer, runner, or receiver)
FG's = 3 pts
PAT's = 1 pt
50+ yards = double points (any TD or FG)
60+ yards = triple points (FG's only)
Bonus Pts
QB's // 200 yds = 1 pt (1 pt each additional 25 yds.)
RB, WR, TE = 1 pt each 25 yds.
Defense // 1 sack = 1 pt, TO = 1 pt (1 int or fumble rec)
All yardage based bonus points are total positive yardage earned. Eg., a player has 75 yds passing, 125 rushing and -10 yds receiving. His yardage would be 200 yds.
Return yardage does not count toward total yardage.
Returns are considered defensive scores, but would count for the individual player scoring the td also. If a team has started the individual player scoring the td and the defense of that player's team, the team would not receive double points. Points would count only for the individual. If one team has started the individual and another team started the defense, both team's would receive the points.

Regular Season

Bench player with highest scoring total that week, then 2nd highest scorer, 3rd, etc. If after all players still tied, both teams receive win.
Higher playoff seed would get the win. We will use no tiebreaker in the playoffs. Consider this "home field advantage".
Playoff seeding and Conference position
Overall record, conference record(if only within your conference), head to head (between all teams involved), points scored, win streak, team with lowest, (1 being lowest)[original] first round draft position that year

Beginning this season we will have rotating player protections. After this (2001) season, we will keep 2 players(plus dev squad), after next season (2002) we will keep 3, Then back to 2 after the 2003 season. The actual date for this will be announced at some point during the season. If, after a team has protected their players, something happens to one of their protections they may be allowed to switch that player out for another on their previous roster. Reasons for this would be career-ending injury, retirement, longer than 1 season injury, and anything else I feel would warrant it. This will be my decision. If it would happen to my team, I will take a vote to see if It should be allowed (excluding retirement, career-ending injury).
Next Season
The next season's draft order will be as follows. Non-playoff teams will be ranked worst to best, with the worst picking first. Then the first round playoff losers, based on tiebreakers. Then the second round losers, based on tiebreakers. Then the League runner-up, then the champion.

Unless you have told me of a change, we will use the same team names as last season. Remember, do not use any NFL mascots, cuss words or vulgarities in your team names, and try and keep them fairly short. Try to pick a name that you would like to keep for seasons to come.
Records will be kept weekly. This was started in 1998, and the current records are...
Most Points Scored / Team / Magilla Gorillas, Warthogs 104 pts.
Most Points Scored / Player / Ravens 45 pts.
When anyone breaks one of these records, they will be awarded a prize of $10.
If there is a tie in the same week, the $10 will be split accordingly.
Each week there will be an MVP. At the end of the season, there will be a season MVP, and All-Star teams. This will be calculated by myself using scoring averages from our season, not NFL stats.
I hope most things are covered in the rules. If a problem comes up that is not covered in the rules we may have a vote, but if I can see an easy resolution I will take it upon myself to correct it.

1st option for a new owner would be any teams not coming back. The new owner would be able to re- choose 2 protected players from that roster and draft at their position. If no teams leave, 2nd option would be a completely new team, drafting first overall. The League must always have an even number of teams, so if there is 1 expansion team, there must be 2. If a 2nd expansion team is not found, 1st team could not join league. The draft order of 2 new expansion teams would be 1 and 2. A coin toss draft day would decide this. There would also be an expansion draft where they would be allowed to choose 2 players between kickers, defenses, and (maximum 1)rookies. This draft would be immediately prior to the actual draft, with winner of the coin toss picking first(1,2,2,1).