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Gone Too Soon
Not to Be Forgotten

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David Harvey - Ex Principal
David Charles Harvey was born on Feb. 28, 1951 to Howery Lee and Gladys M. Scott Harvey. He was raised in Kegley. He graduated Spanishburg High School in 1970 and graduated Concord College with a bachelor of science degree in math and science. He achieved his master's degree in school administration from Marshall University. David began his teaching career at Princeton Junior High School in 1974 teaching math until 1990. In 1990 he was named vice principal of Princeton Junior High until 1992. In 1992, David became principal of Montcalm High School. He remained as principal until his illness caused his retirement. During his 26 years in the Mercer County School system, David was recognized as an Outstanding teacher and Mercer County Extra Miler. David was a member of the West Virginia School Principal Association, a member of the West Virginia Athletic Association and the Mercer County Principals Association. David worked with the Mercer County Board of Education and the community in pursuit of the completion of an athletic community facility at Montcalm High School. The first football team in MHS history played on the field in the fall of 1999 at the first football homecoming. It was a tremendous success. The team won the game and many from the community attended the game. David loved his horses and his farm. His wife of 20 years, Judy also enjoyed the farm life with him. David and his wife worked the farm and still held jobs outside the home. David also spent many hours attending school related extracurricular activities. He attended many of the basketball, football and softball games. He also gave of his time to attend school dances, PTO meetings and school plays. David Harvey was a man who tried his best to be friends with everyone. He loved his students and knew their personal lives in detail. He knew who were brothers and sisters, cousins and parents. He cared deeply about his students. He was a 24-hour a day principal. The following is a direct statement given by David during an interview. "I love this school and these kids. I deal with them every day. This school is the size to where I can get to know each student by name and understand their needs. If a child comes to me with a problem, I cry with them if they need to cry and I laugh with them when they need to laugh. Dr. Pantili and I work hard to help these kids on an individual basis. My door is always open to any teacher, student or parent. I am proud of this school and I am proud of these children." David Harvey passed away on July 18, 2001. He was only 50 years old. He was a friend to all. We miss you David.

Willie Brown
William Frederick Brown was born on November 4, 1981 to William and Carol Brown. He was 18 years old and lived a full life. Willie grew up in the area and was well known by the communities. Willie was very active in sports for many years. He was a member of the football team and the basketball team. But Willie was more than a number on a jersey, he was a friend and a classmate. He will long be remembered for his casual joking attitude and his love of life. Willie passed away on December 4, 1999 following a car wreck. He will never be forgotten. Some of his fellow Seniors share the following stories. Kristy Kelly remembers the first time she met Willie, "He told me his dad's name was Charlie (as in Charlie Brown) and I laughed. Willie was a great person and now he's in a great place." Scotty Jones remembers Willie's smile, "Willie was always smiling. He was the kind of person that you could talk to and he would bring a smile to your face every time." Christina Mullins will never forget Willie, "I really didn't know him all that well, but when I would talk to him, he always brought a smile to my face. Kristy and I would pick on him and ask him how he was doing. Sometimes I can still see him standing over near the fountain. I miss him very much and I will always remember him." Willie will live in our hearts and minds forever. We miss you Willie.