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Clark Development Corporation

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Clark Development Corporation (CDC)
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Central Luzon Growth Corridor
LSD General Policies & Procedures
CDC & CSEZ Manpower Update (December 2000)
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Labor Services Department (LSD)

Mandate: To ensure an adequate matching between skills availability and manpower requirements of locators/investors and monitor compliance to Philippine labor laws within the CSEZ.

Detailed Areas of Responsibilities:

1. Processing/Interviewing and placement of applicants

2. Development and maintenance of a database (manpower pool) of applicants

3. Generation of Manpower and Employment Updates

4. Monitoring of CSEZ locatorsí compliance with labor standards through periodic inspections

5. Promotes the amicable settlement of labor disputes and other labor-related problems in the CSEZ

6. Endorsement of working visas and Alien Employment Permits (AEP) to the Bureau of Immigration and Department of Labor, respectively

7. Conduct of skills training and career development programs for CSEZ locatorsí employees

8. Operation of the CSEZ Manpower Skills Development and Service Center (Training Center)