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Knights of Columbus Insurance
The LLaneza Agency
General Agent
Dennis M. Lanneza
2253 Maple Dr.
Suite #1
Fairmont, WV 26554
Phone: (304) 368-9129

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  Place Your Trust in Us

Chances are you're underinsured. Most people are. Providing for the financial security of your family in these times requires substantial coverage and sound insurance decisions. A fellow Knight, we can make your life insurance decision easier. In these troubled times, our message is simple: Place your trust in us.

Knights of Columbus Insurance is efficient and responsible. It carries the highest ratings in the business: A++ by A. M. Best, and AAA by Standard & Poor's, two companies which rate insurers on their financial strength, stability and history. You can also trust your Brother Knight. As a knowledgeable agent, I can help you plan the coverage you need to truly provide for your loved ones.

Serving Knights and their families

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Founder of the Knights of Columbus
Father Michael J. McGivney
August 12, 1852 - August 14 1880


A Special Program of Fraternal Benefits for Knights of Columbus Families


Fraternal Benefit Program

This program of the Knights of Columbus makes available to eligible family members five distinct types of assistance. To be eligible, the member must be in good standing with his Council and either he or his wife must be insured under a Knights of Columbus certificate requiring an annual premium of $150 or providing at least $5,000 permanent life insurance coverage:

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Life Insurance Benefits
Death Benefits

 Why should I buy Insurance?

Why should you buy life insurance anyway? Because if your wife does become a widow, funds are created automatically immediately and at the least possible cost. Only life insurance will provide a steady income, a guaranteed amount month after month. With a check coming in monthly, she can budget accordingly. Life insurance gives her a precious freedom of choice: She can work if she wants to as a hobby, not as a necessity. She can live with her grown children if she pleases, as a welcome visitor. She can call on charitable agencies if she likes to offer help, not to ask for help. Life insurance is nothing less than an expression of your respect, your concern and your love of your wife and family.


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