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Hello ...Welcome to Kassys Place, glad you stopped in. Well, Now that your here I'll tell you alittle about myself. I'm 30 years old...Married as of October 21,2000..To the best man in the world..Thank you so much Mike for making me your wife!! :)You've made me the happiest lady in the world...* Your one in a million baby and I Love Ya with all my heart and soul!!!*... I have 6 kids..Bet your saying WOW...They stay busy..hehe :)~ Three are mine by my first marriage and 3 are Mikes By his first Marriage...But I love each and everyone as if I had given birth to all of them!! :)Now alittle about the kids starting from oldest to youngest.. Jessica is 13 years old and is truly becoming a very beautiful and amazing young lady..I'm sure she's gonna steal all the guys hearts..we'll have to watch her close.. Then theres Marissa she's 11..Not real sure what to say about Marissa..only that she has a heart of gold just like her dad..Who too is starting to steal the boys hearts!! Next is Christopher he is 9 years old and rotten as they come..Christopher is into the pokemon and digimon stage..That boys got it Then next is Joshua he's 8...Josh is one of a kind..very remarkable young man..who would go out of his way to make the whole world happy if he could..He's got a very loving side. Then we have Michael who's 7..Geez and they say the 2's are bad...hehe...Michael is really the rotten one..Who has to have all of his dads attention and Mine of course...but most of all Michael also is a very remarkable young man and I see so much of his dad in him..especially his looks...Oh I'm sure he's gonna steal all the little girls hearts. And last of all the kids is our Baby..Hannah who is 2. And yes she's reached that two stage and has it down very well...hehe...But Hannah is a very smart child for her age...Talks very good and is even potty trained..WOW amazing...But most of all she's growing way to fast..wish there was a way to slow her down..But I don't see that happening...So guess we better make the best of things while she's young. Now to tell you alittle about my hubby!! :) Mike is 33 yrs old...Very caring and loving man..but most of all so understanding...I've never met anyone in my whole life like Mike..As a matter of fact I don't think there is anyone in the world like Mike. Mike would go out of his way to do anything for anyone..He puts others above himself..Their happiness is what matters to mike. He's also a workaholic..This man NEVER stops.(Yes Mike I said the whole world knows you work to much) I really don't think theres enough words to describe Mike...I just know that I'm the luckiest lady in the world to have Mike in my life and even happier to be his wife!!!!! :) Now more about me...I'm a homemaker and enjoy it very much.. Some of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time(which is hard to find with 6 kids) is fishing, boating, camping, 4-wheeling, well you get the idea "outdoor things". Well now that i've told you alittle about my family and myself..I hope you check out the rest of my page, and if you don't mind sign my questbook or email me and let me know what you think. Enjoy your stay and look around all you want!!!

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