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Approximately 487 miles (12.8 hours ??? including side trips)

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This page and its contents were "borrowed from a number of sources. I will credit each in the body of this page, either directly or through links.

I have been in touch with the Oklahoma Route 66 Association president, Kathy Anderson. I asked her to share tshare her thoughts with me, including the best route (66) to follow and miss the larger cities. She has been very helpful. I have included her suggestions in the following.

Route 66 - Oklahoma - Detailed direction

From Baxter Springs(KS) to Vinita
- enter Oklahoma on US 69 ALT
- follow US 69 ALT through Quapaw
- to Commerce, then follow Mickey Mantle Blvd. (US 69)
South to 
Miami - (Coleman Theater)
MIAMI TO AFTON - Perhaps one of the best
treasures awaits the Route 66 adventurer.
- enter Miami on Main St. turn right onto Steve Owens
Blvd. and cross the Noesho River and
- turn south following US59/69 through Dotyville to
- after crossing I-44, join US60 (follow US69 not US59)
to Afton (Saddle Shop & the old Palmer Hotel)
- follow US 59/69 to Vinita

From Vinita to Tulsa

From Kathy A. (OK Rt. 66 Assn.)
The eastern part of OK is easy - 
- once you get west of Vinita

it is marked as SH 66 all the way to Catoosa.  So your map looks right.  You should do one leg of the "9 foot road"
- consult the Trip Guide for directions.
follow US60/69
left at ththe light at Wilson
continue out toward White Oak
join SR66 just before 
White Oak
From White Oak
continue on SR66, passing through the towns of
Bartlesville (home of Phillips Petroleum and Phillips 66),
pass through CLaremore on Lynn Riggs Blvd.
Catoosa (Blue Whale)

From Catoosa I am going to follow Interstate 44 through Tulsa to Sapulpa

Sapulpa through Oklahoma City to Bethany

Exit I-44 at Sapulpa, OK

follow SR66 (Mission)
right onto Dewey
right at the sign for Old 66
reconnect with SR66 at intersection of SR33 and I-44

From Kellyville
follow SR66 to
Bristow, staying on SR 66,

enter on Main St.
right at the light with 4th St.
follow curves out of town

follow SR66 through the towns of
Stroud, - "Rock Cafe",

staying SR66, turn
right on Manvel Av., then
right at south end of town to stay with SR66 to,

pass under the railroad to

right at Y-intersection into Wellston and follow SR66 to


Stop at the Red Barn in Arcadia. It was recently 
restored and it beautiful inside and out.
Follow SH 66 into Edmond. At Broadway, turn left 
(US 77) and head south to Oklahoma City

Edmond by-pass Oklahoma City - to Bethany (see Map)

Follow Broadway to I-44. Enjoy this stretch of country .
Get back on I-44 (west)
Exit I-44 onto SH 66 The 39th Expressway to Bethany.
Note: watch for Frontier City 

Bethany to Hinton Jct.

Bethany to El Reno

Leave Bethany on SH 66. At Council Road, turn left 
and then a right on the south frontage road. 
This is old Route 66 and the old steel truss bridge
crosses the North Canadian River and skirt the north
shore of Lake Overholser, at the 
"Y" in the road, veer right until the new 
road rejoins the old.
Follow SH 66 through Yukon to 
El Reno. - look for the "Rainman" connection

El Reno to Hinton Jct. - Another gem stretch of Route 66
Two Routes - - - Choose one!!!
Little sense of the nearby interstate highway and 
very beautiful in Spring when the redbuds bloom.
From Kathy A. (OK Rt. 66 Assn.)
I would hate for you not to travel old 66 west of El Reno as that is the classic two-lane Portland Concrete and there isn't a lot of it left. 

The turn up (1st Option) on 270 toward Calumet reflects the original routing but is not the old cement. 

Option 1 - - Recommended
El Reno to Hinton Jct. By passes 280 Spur 
-"classic" Portland
follow SR66 onto Rock Island Rd,
left onto Wade,
right onto Choctaw,
left onto Sunset,
follow SR66, west of the city, SR66 ends as 
it curves
toward I-40, 
just before the curve, turn right onto the 
2 lane towards Fort Reno

Fort Reno
continue on the 2-lane for about 
5 miles, then
right onto US-270 to

follow US-270 to

enter on US-270, then
left onto US-281.
bear right at the Y-intersection to cross 
the Canadian River (Pony Bridge)
(newer alignment)

enter on US-281

Hinton Junction 
continue west when US-281 turns south
use north Service road to

From Kathy A. (OK Rt. 66 Assn.)
Continuing further west (2nd Option) on the old concrete, 66 Ys onto 281Spur on the north side of I 40's Exit 108.  From that Y, for the next 2 some miles, the Dept. of Transportation has ripped out the old 2 lane and made it into a 4-lane.

Option 2

Follow SH 66 out of El Reno. After the prison, look for a road on your right that goes to old Ft. Reno. 

Proceed on this road and go west. This is original Route 66. 

At the intersection of Route 66 and U.S. 270, an old gas station stands.

follow U.S. 281 to the newer alignment of Route 66.

At Spur U.S. 281, stay on the road, notice the concrete curbs . 

U.S. 281 turn South and cross the seriously long bridge across the South Canadian River. 

At the Y to Hinton, go west staying on the north side of I-40.

(SEE MAP for Options)

You may have read about the Smithsonian acquiring 12 sections of old Route 66 - this is where it came from.

More from Kathy A. (OK Rt. 66 Assn.)

Option 2
The old pavement will reappear just beyond the ruin of an old frame gas station - follow the old pavement down a long steep hill known as Bridgeport Hill. 

You will come to a "T" intersection

- turn left onto the old pavement again and this leads
to the Pony Bridge - a wonderful multiple truss
bridge that every 66'er should experience. 


Hinton Junction to Hydro
At the Y to Hinton, go west staying on the north side of I-40.
Continue on to Hydro.

Hydro to Clinton
North frontage Road of I-40
Just west of Hinton is Lucille Hamons'(long download) store. She was on the highway some 50 years.
This Route 66 icon is worth a Drop visit.
On to Weatherford (diner) Route 66 follows the north frontage road of I-40 into town. Route 66
is Main St until you reach
4th St on the west side of town.
Turn left, go south shortly, and then the road veers right and becomes the north frontage road
of I-40 again.
Route 66 makes one jog in its fight with I-40. When the cement changes to asphalt look for concrete
on the south side of I-40. Down the south frontage road of I-40, follow it until the cement again
changes to asphalt. Route 66 is on the north side again and you must switch back to the
north frontage road. Follow this road till it joins
Business Loop 40 and go into Clinton.


Route 66 follows Gary Blvd into the center of town to 10th St. At 10th St, you follow this stretch
past the Interstate (10th becomes Neptune) and about 0.5 miles south of town where the road veers
to the right.
Clinton is home to a new Route 66 museum located on the west side of Clinton on Gary Blvd
(I-40 Exit 65 and head north).

Clinton to Elk City

Follow Route 66 south out of Clinton and head toward Petersburg. This is a nice stretch of Route 66
as it's away from I-40 for a few miles. Route 66 is the south frontage road of I-40 for
approximately 7 miles. You will go up a rise and then drop into the Washita River Valley. Look
for the red cement on the north side of I-40. Route 66 gently curved into the valley.
This is section is very pretty with the red cliffs especially if you are here in the late afternoon.
At the (Stafford Rd Exit),
Continue on  I-40 to

Sayre ("Grapes of Wrath") [ MAP ]

Lunch at the Owl Drug Store (Soda Fountain)
View of Oklahoma Route 66

If you want a quick flashback to the dark days of Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, turn north off the I-40 freeway into sleepy Sayre (pop. 2,881). 

The landmark Beckham County Courthouse, which looms over the east end of Main Street, was prominently featured in the movie version as Henry Fonda and the rest of the Joads rattled down Route 66 toward California. 

While on Main Street, stop in for a milk shake at the friendly fountain in the Owl Drug Store on the corner of 4th Street.

Take a look in the ever-expanding Shortgrass Country Museum (hours vary; free), housed in the old Rock Island Line railroad depot at 106 E. Poplar Street, with changing displays documenting regional history from Cheyenne times to the arrival of homesteading settlers during the great Land Rush of 1892. 

East of the museum stands a giant grain elevator that has rusted into a gorgeous orange glow.

Sayre to Erick

Leave Sayre down Main St (U.S. 283). Just north of the I-40 interchange, take the north frontage road
turn off. This frontage road is Route 66. It will eventually peel away from I-40. This section was
a 4 lane highway, but the State of Oklahoma closed one side of the road. You will pass through
Hext and pass under I-40. The road becomes a 4 lane again.
This drive from Sayre to Texola is another Route 66 gem.
The road is getting overgrown, but you get away from I-40 and enjoy some different scenery.
Erick is the home of country singer, Roger Miller

Erick to Oklahoma-Texas State Line

Leave Erick on the 4 lane highway heading west (Business Loop I-40). You will pass through Texola,
a town that is dying. You're on the 100th Meridian. You will make a sharp right turn on the
4 lane highway and head back to I-40.
Look for the old jail on the left as you pass into Texas.

Oklahoma Motels - partial listing

Photo's and Stories of Route 66 Oklahoma Hotels

Welcome to Texas

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