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Wilber Jones
Professor of Chemistry
Concord College
Athens, WV  24712

About me

Personal Interests


Course Disclosures

CHEM 101
CHEM 102
CHEM 107
CHEM 210
CHEM 352
CHEM 413

Chemistry Course Handouts

   CHEM 101 handouts

Chemistry Links

        Textbook Links

   CHEM 101-102 textbook (Kotz & Treichel, 5th ed.; site not too useful)

Periodic Tables
Chemicool Periodic Table (MIT)
Los Alamos Periodic Table
Pictorial Periodic Table
WebElements  (Sheffield, UK -- really good!)
Chinese Periodic Table
Comic Book Periodic Table
 Serious Chemistry Stuff
Material Safety Data Sheets, MSDS's
ChemCenter of American Chemical Society
Chemdex (indescribable!)
Links for Chemists (6,300 links by category!)
Bad Chemistry
General Chemistry I Virtual Textbook
Chemistry Online (tutorials, quizzes, notes, tools)
Chemical Bonding
Intermolecular Forces & Hydrogen Bonding
Acid-Base and pH Tutorial
The Second Law
Ralph Logan's Home Page
Electron Binding Energies
NFPA Hazard Rating Guide (eclectic mix - recent news, etc.)
NMR Interpretation  (practice your skills)
The following Chemistry sites require the Chime 2.6 plug-in:

    Get the Chime 2.6 plug-in
   VSEPR Theory
   More VSEPR (from Sheffield, UK)
   More molecules (over 1400 molecular models)
       And still more molecules (from Colby College)
   Structure of Inorganic Crystals (elements, halides, oxides)
   Mineral Structures (a bit more advanced!)
   Structures of Solids (lots of good links)

Humorous Chemistry Stuff

Dangerous Chemical - Dihydrogen Monoxide
The Twinkies Project
"Marshmallow Peep" Research
Other Interesting Science Links
Environmental Defense Fund's Chemical Scorecard
Surf Your Watershed
Satellites Orbiting Earth
Ocean Floors
Coastal Relief Maps
Virtual Earthquake
Volcano World
Water Resources of the United States
USNO Master Clock Time
Human Genome Project
Creation/Evolution Talk
Other Sites of Interest Having Nothing to do with Science
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine (all things financial, calculators, etc.)
Hampsterdance (humor)
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
Charleston Gazette
The White House
Pittsburgh Pirates
Baseball Hall of Fame
U.S. News and World Report
Mama's Cucina
Native American Artists (Dana Tiger - my favorite!)
Wendell August Forge (metalware.  3 blocks from where I grew up!)
Wood Brothers Racing & driver, Ricky Rudd
FBI 10 Most Wanted
Bad Kitty
E-mail me if you have located a really interesting science site that you think others might enjoy!

Wilber Jones

Updated March 22, 2004.